18 June 2012

Maria Galland-Cocoon Mask Treatment & Intensive Hydrating Cream 96 (Sponsored)

I have been invited to a facial trial session at Jean Elegance Outlet opposite Tiong Bahru Plaza

More about Jean Elegance

Jean Elegance has 2 outlets:

71, Woodlands Ave 3, #01-02 Marsiling MRT Station Singapore 739044
        Tel: 6363 4183

BLK 18, Jalan Membina, #02-11(Opp Tiong Bahru Plaza) Singapore 164018
        Tel: 6271 0619

Their staffs are quite polite, professional and well-trained. I appreciate their assistance in helping me to take photos during this facial session.

The facial that I will be doing is the signature Cocoon Mask Treatment from Maria Galland.

I am quite excited to try this facial treatment because I have heard from the friendly beautician that it will brighten up and recharge my fatigue skin instantly.

More about Maria Galland Cocoon Mask Treatment

Suitable for: All types of skin, especially recommended for fatigue and aging skin.

Facial Description: This is an exclusive well-being facial treatment where beauty is revived in cocoon of gauze and foam. After this anti-stress & relaxing treatment, you will feel that your face is being recharged and revitalized.

No of Treatments Available: 5 Treatments

Types of Treatment available:
Precious of Youth
Royal specific eye zones

Summary of the Ritual of this facial:

i) A detailed skin diagnostic will be made by your beautician consultant
ii) Cleansing, micro-exfoliation and a stimulation of the epidermis

i) Cleansing and kneading, to drain and acupressure to relax, detoxify the tissue and revives the cellular metabolism

i) A mask is brushed onto the prepped and stimulated skin.
ii) Wrapped in gauze, the face is covered with the Foam Mask that creates a inimitable soft warmth (the famous "cocoon-effect")
iii) By “gently raising the surface temperature from 6° to 10°”, it optimizes the penetration and the effectiveness of  the products

i) The serums and the adapted creams are applied in ascendant effleurage movements

As mentioned at the preliminary step above, the beautician consultant will perform a detailed skin diagnosis and determine which type of Cocoon Treatment is suitable for your skin. As a person with combination skin (which is more towards dehydrated skin), I am being given the hydrated treatment,

Check out the photos that have been taken during my facial treatment trial.

I love this pampering facial treatment because it revitalises my tired skin. As a modern lady who has to struggle between work, family and blogging, it is inevitable that my skin will show signs of aging such as fine lines etc. When that happens, I desperately need a facial treatment that can revive the youth on my skin. I do think that Maria Galland’s Facial Treatment is able to achieve this goal as the massage technique is able to help me to relax and drain the toxin on my face.

However, do note that it does not include the process of extraction of blemishes in the ritual.

After the facial treatment session, I am being sponsored a bottle of Maria Galland Intensive Hydrating Cream 96.

More about the Product of Maria Galland Intensive Hydrating Cream 96

Size: 50ml

Price: SGD 114.50

Suitable for: Normal & Combination Skin

Product Description: This fresh skin care cream is rapidly absorbed and guarantees the perfect penetration of moisture into the skin. As a result, the complexion will glows with freshness and dryness lines are smoothed

It contains:

Glycengene Thalaspheres® -supplies the skin with moisturizing active ingredients.
Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin A- supports cell regeneration
Vitamin E and a UV filter- protect the skin against external factors and premature aging.
Usage: On perfectly cleansed skin, use morning and/or evening on the face and neck.

Short Review

This cream has a nice fragrance which reminds me of baby power. Although it has the Texture of the Cream, it is easily absorbed and is not that oily on my skin.

I feel that this cream is quite hydrating for my skin as I do not any encounter any issues of breakout of blemishes on my skin. Perhaps the reason behind this is that I have adequate moisture on my skin which does not activate the sebaceous glands to produce excessive oil on my face. By the way, a small amount of this cream is already sufficient to provide the moisture for the whole face. 

Good News:

Here comes a chance for you to win Maria Galland's Facial/Products

Top Prize: 1 Maria Galland's Treatment Facial

Second Prize: 1 Maria Galland Moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type.

10* Consolation Prize: One can can enjoy Maria Galland’s Cocoon treatment courtesy of Jean Elegance at the very special price of $68 and receive Maria Galland’s Cream 96 worth $107 absolutely free!

*****Here is how you can participate******:

1.Please like Maria Galland’s FB Page:  www.facebook.com/MariaGalland.sg

2.Share with me the reason why you will like to win Maria Galland's Facial/Products by commenting below this blog post.

PS: The 2 most creative/ interesting entries will win the Top and Second Prizes respectively. The rest of the 10 consolation Prizes will be determined by random.org.

3. Leave down 
     i. your answer for the question in 2 
    ii. Name 
    iii. and email as a comment at this blogging post, so that I can contact you if you win.

4.Spread the words by clicking the FB Like Button at the end of this blog post.

Good luck!!

This contest is now officially closed. Please refer to this Link for the Names of the Winners.

Terms & Conditions of this giveaway:

Only people residing in Singapore will be allowed to take part in the Contest as I will not be able to arrange for overseas postage of prize. 
The contest is to be held from 18th June 2012-1st July 2012.
Any entries received beyond the time of 00:00 2nd July 2012 will not be considered as a valid entry.
Each person is only entitled to participate in this Contest once.
Do remember to leave down your email address, so that I can contact you if you are the winner
• Among all the entries, I will choose 2 most interesting creative/impressive comments as the winners for the Top and Second Prizes. The Top Winner will win a Maria Galland Facial Treatment while the second prize winner will win a Maria Galland Moisturiser.
 The 10 consolation winner will be determined amongst the pool of valid entries (with Name and Email) via random.org.
• Once the winners are chosen, the decision is final unless the winners do not respond to my winning notification email or stay in Singapore.
If the winner cannot be contacted after the designated date stated in the notification email or staying overseas, I reserved the right to pick another winner


Sheryl Chan said...

i. I like to win Maria Galland's Facial/Products because I also want to have an encounter with Maria Galland and let her help me to find a moisturizer suitable for my skin type.

ii. Sheryl Chan

iii. Sherylcpc23@gmail.com

sharon.ming said...

Liked MG page.

I want to pamper my skin and give it a de-stress treatment so that my face is recharged for my upcoming job interviews. I want to leave a good impression to my future employers.

Mark Chan said...

I prefer touching a clear skin than an oily skin.

Mark chan

Ann Wong said...

Due to work and the arson environment, my skin is so stressed up and fatigue. As recommendef by you, Maria Galland product and facial from Jean Elegance would.be a remedy to my current condition. I hope was given an opportunity to hive my fatigue and stressed skin a spa treat.

Name : Ann Wong

Elaine said...

Hi Carol,

Why do I want to win the Maria Galland Moisturizer?
When my complexion just needs a touch up, then I would prefer DIY at home i.e. only need basic facial care like cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and extraction of blackheads. So I would like to win Maria Galland Products for my own DIY.

Why do I want to win the facial treatment?
Maria Galland Facial treatment can rejuvenate my skin by effectively reducing wrinkles, treating sun spots, tightening loose skin, improving skin tone and color, removing blotchiness, and eliminating damaged blood vessels.

Name: Elaine Chang
Email: elaineechang@yahoo.com.sg

Hope to win either Maria Galland's Treatment Facial or Maria Galland Moisturiser.

Cheers! :-)

Shanice said...

Dear Carol ,

Firstly , Thank you for bringing us this exciting new contest !

I would love to try the Cocoon Treatment.
My skin is tired and dull looking .
I hope to achieve radiant and luminous skin by going for the facial !

Maria Galland Intensive Hydrating Cream 96 will moisturize my dry skin.

Name: Shanice Foh
Email : fohlishan@yahoo.com

Jermaine said...

I'll like to win the facial treatment / Moisturizer as i will like to be a pretty bride.. My skin is in need of SOS for my upcoming photoshoot this year and during the most impt day of my life..

Thank you Carol.. :)

Name: Jermaine Liang
Email: Jermaineee@hotmail.sg

Anonymous said...

I would like to experience a beauty with heart.


Anonymous said...

Due to frequent late night teleconference, I am very keen to experience Maria galland's facial Product to help to prevent aging.

Name : Irene

Tan Janette said...

I guess no woman would resist a little pampering treat for her skin, especially so if it is free with no strings attached ^_^


coldkohmew said...

. 1)I wanna a another facial for my face and to give me smile and confidence =)

Koh Jun Jie Jason

Anonymous said...

Due to my hectic work and lifestyle, i really need a facial treatment to give my face a bright radiance and also to relieve stress and tension.

Name: Christine Sim

Email: christinesim81@hotmail.com

Bebe said...

I love to win Maria Galland's Products for a beautiful skn, so that I'll have more confidence in facing my colleagues and customers.

Bebe Lee

bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

chin oi lin said...

due to my work n not enough sleep
many people said my face is dry, so i hope that is will recharge my face
radiant and luminous skin join like u

chin oi lin

NM said...

i like to win Maria Galland's Facial/Products i have nevertried and really get tired of acne and dull skin of mine .. hope ur product will work

Name- deepali gupta

Pearly Tan said...

Hey Carol, thanks for sharing this wonderful giveaway!

I would love to have the chance to win this giveaway for a simple reason. My skin needs some pampering. Would prefer products (moisturizer) as i can take my own time to pamper my skin at home. A pleasant looking skin is essential to meet people. Hope to win. :)

Pearly Tan/pearlyshawn@live.com.sg

Thank You ;D

Anonymous said...

Vincent Phang:

I wishing I can win Maria Galland's Facial/Products to give my face a bright radiance before my wedding photos.

Vincent Phang/vincent_phang2003@yahoo.com

Will said...

I want to win Maria Galland's Facial Treatment / Products because they deeply studies the the persons' skin needs then tailoring the exclusive ingredients and sophisticated manual treatment techniques that will guarantee their clients regenerating results.

Lapuz Wilma

saralyn said...

I would like to win Maria Galland's Facial Treatment/Products because I would like to pamper my skin and I have heard so much raves about Maria Galland but sad to say, haven't had the chance to try it yet :(

Saralyn Low

Anonymous said...

I want to win Maria Galland's Products so that I can have a beautiful smooth, fair and radiant skin like you, Carol.

Name : Grace Lee
Email : glwc88 at hotmail dot com

Facebook share :

Anonymous said...

I want to win Maria Galland's Products as I trust these amazing products will make me a beautiful bride in time of my ROM.

Name Quek CH
Email chquek (at) hotmail (dot) sg

Shared Facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/NaggyQ/posts/324006761017740

m@gdeLeNe said...

You look great after the treatment. This definitely lure me to participate the contest.

Email: magdelenesml@gmail.com

Grace Tan said...

Thanks for the giveaway, Carol !

I would like to win either of the top two prizes so that I can look as good as you! =)

Email: gethemax@gmail.com

Erlina Husada said...

Hi Carol, thanks for another great giveaway!

I would love to win this giveaway because having a 1 year old active boy requires almost 24 hour of my time. while my philosophy of happiness lies on the inner beauty, my body cant seem to adjust to that! every morning, my mirror tells me that i aged more than i am. that is why i desperately need some magic and pampering in Maria Galland seems so perfect for this! :) Mommy needs some self reward here.. :D

Erlina Husada (e.husada@gmail.com)

Hazel said...

I wish i can win Maria Galland's Facial/ Products so that i can see radiance on my face again. Eversince i changed to my current job, i been working average 10pm-12am daily as i need to rush for tender projects and endless tasks. My eye bags are getting worse and i wish i can get my face fix up.

Name: Hazel Lam
Email: hazel1908@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

After going through Carol's facial regime and seeing Maria Galland's products efficacy, I must lay my hands on Maria Galland's products and facial service.

Name: Sharin Chia
Email: sharinchia@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I'd like to win Maria Galland's Facial/Products because I wish to be pampered and feel energised and radiant after the wonderful facial using the most fabulous products from Maria Galland which proves to provide fast and good results as seen from your post so that I can share with all my friends about this wonderful brand with good efficacies!


Joanna said...

I love myself, & i believe in taking good care of my skin. Being beautiful brings out the confidence & shine within me. Thus, I want a clear & glowing skin because my skin condition has deteriorate ever since i started work. & I hope to regain the shine in me.

Name: Joanna
Email: joanna_kit@yahoo.com.sg

liz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i want to win the prize.

Name: Zhi Jie
Email: zhijie_phua@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I like to win Maria Galland's Facial/Products as i had a short and brief encounter with their cleanser once and am impressed by their effective yet gentle properties. Awesome!

Name:Koh Hui Cheng Email:huicheng_pop@yahoo.com.sg

Anonymous said...

Mirror, Mirror, tell me
if I'm the one to win...


Anonymous said...

I love reading your review. And am so tempted to get my hands on each and every product that you had reviewed. Would be so happy if I can win and get the experience the wonderful effect of Maria Galland on my skin too.

Name: Irene Soh
Email : ireneyksoh@yahoo.com.sg