10 June 2012

June VanityTrove Box (Sponsored)

I am always excited to receive Vanity TroveBox because it offers me a beautiful surprise Box filled with Beauty Products and Treats.

Here is what I have received in the June’s edition of Vanity Trove Box:
2 small bottles of Essential shampoo

3 small sachets of Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

2 small tubes of ettusais BB Cream

2 sachet of Skinc My daily dose Jelly

1 Enabelle MIZU Therapy Mask Fairness

1 YADAH Lip Crayon

When Vanity Trove invites me for an review, I specifically like to try the Product Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream. This is because this cream has existed in the Beauty Industry for quite some time, dating back to the reign of ancient Egyptians Period.

More about the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Price: $41.50

Where to buy: http://www.cosmetification.com/Default.asp

Olive Oil
Bees Wax
Honey, Bee Pollen
Royal Jelly
Bee Propolis
and Divine Love

Product Description: This is a non-greasy blend of 100% natural ingredients which can be served an astounding variety of purposes. . It improves your complexion, heals scars, relieves many skin ailments, leaves your hair with a lustrous sheen, and more. Preservative and fragrance free.

Functions- Use it as a:
night moisturizer
eye cream,
Hair conditioner and defrizzer to treat split end mending,
Lip balm,
Healing nail and cuticle conditioner, to smooth rough areas and
Moisturiser to treat conditions like eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.
stretch mark preventive cream during pregnancy or diaper rash creamHow to use it effectively.

Warm a small amount of Egyptian Magic Cream in palm of hand or fingertips before using.
Melts on contact with skin and absorbs rapidly for a smooth,soft finish. Use anywhere on face or body.

Here comes a good new:

Since Vanity Trove has kindly sponsored me some sachets of Body Shop Shiso Whitening Serum, I have decided to run a mini Contest here on my blog.

Here is what 1 lucky winner will get to win: 

15 sachets * Body Shop Shiso Whitening Serum 1.5ml each
2 * small tubes of ettusais BB Cream 4g each
1 * YADAH Lip Crayon
And most importantly, 2 *sachet of Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream 3ml each

****Here is what you have to do****:

1. Please like Vanity Trove FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/VanityTrove
2. Answer this question: Is Vanity Trove’s website: http://www.vanitytrove.com/ ? (True/False)
3. Leave down 
     i. your answer for the question in 2 (True or False), 
    ii. Name 
    iii. and email as a comment at this blogging post, so that I can contact you if you win.

Good luck!!

The contest has been officially closed. Please refer to this post for the announcement of the lucky winner who walks away with a VanityTrove Box. 

Terms & Conditions of this giveaway:

Only people residing in Singapore will be allowed to take part in the Contest as I will not be able to arrange for overseas postage of prize. 
The contest is to be held from 10th June 2012-24th June 2012.
Any entries received beyond the time of 00:00 24th June 2012 will not be considered as a valid entry.
Each person is only entitled to participate in this Contest once.
Do remember to leave down your email address, so that I can contact you if you are the winner
The winner is going to be determined amongst the pool of valid entries (with Name and Email) via random.org
If the winner cannot be contacted after the designated date stated in the notification email or staying overseas, I reserved the right to pick another winner via random.org


coldkohmew said...

i. True
iii. coldkohmew@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

A. True
B. Ann
C. ann_wong7@yahoo.com.sg

Dave Lim said...

Answer : True

Name : Dave Lim

Email : daveltk78@yahoo.com.sg

xscal said...


Name : Ai Leen Cheong
Email : xscalsVe@gmail.com

Elaine said...

Dear Carol,

Thank you for running this giveaway.

Answer : True
Name : Elaine Chang
Email : elaineechang@yahoo.com.sg


Erlina Husada said...

would love to win this :D

answer: True
name: Erlina Husada
email: e.husada@gmail.com

saralyn said...

Answer: True
Name: Saralyn Low
Email: saralynlowsuluan@gmail.com

supersarahhh said...

Sarah Yeo

sharon.ming said...

i. True
ii. Sharonngo
iii. heaming88@hotmail.com

Liked their page.

Anonymous said...

i. True
ii.Name: Teo suhan
iii. EMail: lavenderteo@hotmail.com

thank you

Anonymous said...

Answer: True

Name: Christine Sim

Email: christinesim81@hotmail.com

zhen zhen said...

Answer : True
Name : Koh Zhen Zhen
Email : koh_zhenzhen@yahoo.com.sg

Anonymous said...

A. True
B. Luah moi kee
C. mywishingstar_ft@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I. true
ii. Cindy tan
iii. siaoyen@live.com

Pearly Tan said...

June Vanity Trove Box Giveaway

Ans: True
Name: Pearly Tan
Email: pearlyshawn@live.com.sg

Hope to win this June Vanity Trove Box as a birthday present for myself and to try out the items from Vanity Trove.

Thanks Carol for this giveaway. :)

Sheryl Chan said...

Hi Carol,

The contest details are as follows:

Answer: True
Name : Sheryl Chan
Email : Sherylcpc23@gmail.com

I love to try new sample. :P

Thank you Carol and June Vanity Trove Box (sponsor)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More Power Ms. Carol! :)

i. True
iii. wilmz_mangila@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

hi there! thanks for showing what's inside your VT box! quite tempted to subscribe and get the next issue!

Answer : True
Name : DJ Chua
Email : luvearrings@yahoo.com.sg


Anonymous said...

Ans: True
Name: Abbey Lapuz
Email: abbeyswil@gmail.com

Wonderful Giveaway!

Anonymous said...

i. True
ii. Hannah ong ming xian
iii. askthebee@hotmail.com

Thank you for this giveaway! ◕3◕

Anonymous said...

i True
ii Siowfai
iii siowfai@singnet.com.sg

Anonymous said...

i. True
ii. Cherie Ng
iii. cherie.n@live.com

chin oi lin said...


chin oi lin


Anonymous said...

Answer : True
Name : Vincent Phang
Email : vincent_phang2003@yahoo.com

Wonderful Giveaway!

Anonymous said...

A. True
B. Jessie Sng
C. snglhoong@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

A. True
B. Jane Lee
C. leeyokec@gmail.com

Bebe Lee said...

1. True

2. Bebe Lee

3. bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

Anonymous said...

ii. Quek CH
iii. chquek at hotmail dot sg

Anonymous said...

1. True
2. WC Grace
3. glwc88 @ hotmail . com

Alexial said...

1) True
2) Alexial
3) it0909@ hotmail.com

Yoshiyuki said...

01. True
02. Irene Soh
03. ireneyksoh@yahoo.com.sg

Ahwing's said...

i. True
ii. Wingwing
iii. s-hopit@hotmail.com

Grace said...

Thanks for the giveaway, Carol !

Answer: True
Name: Grace Tan
Email: gethemax@gmail.com

swee teng jasmine said...

Thank you Carol for the giveaway!
Swee teng jasmine

Anonymous said...

True........Daphne Ho .........dapgal1234@hotmail.com

Lucky Golden Eagle Singapore said...

Thank you Carol for creatng this.

Sally Tan

zoe said...

Hope to win! *crosses fingers*

Answer: True
Name: Zoe Lim
Email: mypeaceofheaven (at)gmail (dot)com


Anonymous said...

Ans : True
Name: Sharin Chia
Email: sharinchia@yahoo.com

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Shorthairlady said...

Hi hilly and Tisha,

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