06 May 2012

Review of Sexylook Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Glowing Silky Mask (Sponsored)

I have received Sexylook Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Glowing Silky Mask for review.

Upon receiving the mask, I have fallen in love with the packaging as it is so cute with the Hello Kitty Charcter printed on it. Do note that this product’s main ingredient is Strawberry Essence. What can be more compatible than seeing Hello Kitty and Strawberry together? That is what I call a Perfect Match

More about Hello Kitty Sexylook Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask

No of Masks/Box: 5 packets

Product description: This mask hydrates your skin for that soft and glowing complexion

It contains:
  1. Strawberry Essence-to help tighten up large and visible pores
  2. Royal Jelly-to hydrate and keep my skin supple
  3. Collagen-to achieve youthful complexion


Use 2-3 times a week, after cleansing
Place Mask on Face gently
Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then remove the mask
Pat gently and leave it for essence absorption


After I have opened the packet, I can immediately smell a strong fragrance of strawberry. I love this smell as strawberry is one of my favourite fruits. If you hate the smell of strawberry, this mask might not be that suitable for you.

I always love SexyLook Mask because it can always fit on my face easily. Some of the mask sout there in the market are simply too small. More-ever, they always break into pieces when I try to sketch it to fit my face. Frankly speaking, my face is just of average size and I just cannot understand why these masks cannot fit nicely onto my face. As usual, I am pleased to say that I will not encounter this issue with the Hello Kitty Mask.

What I like about this mask is its hydrating properties. For your information, there is a refreshing effect after I have placed the mask on my face. Somehow, I can feel that this mask is working to hydrate my combination skin and shrink my large pores. As strawberry is well known for its tightening pores properties, I will highly recommend this mask to people with sensitive, combination or oily skin.

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