20 May 2012

Reviews of Living Nature Products 2: Cleansing Clay & Deep Cleansing Mask (Sponsored)

In this post, I am going to blog about these 2 masks of Living Nature Products, namely: 

• Living Nature Cleansing Clay Peel 
• Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask 

To find out more about the brand of Living Nature Products and the review of Firming Eye Cream Product , please refer to the previous post: http://shorthairladyandherencounters.blogspot.com/2012/05/review-of-living-nature-products-1.html

More about the Living Nature Cleansing Clay Peel

Size: 50ml

Price: $88

Suitable: For oily, combination and normal skin.

Applied: Weekly

Product Description: This gentle exfoliating peel draws toxins away from the skin and removes dead skin cells for a radiantly clear and refined complexion.

It contains:

Pure, white Hallo Clay has the remarkable ability to absorb toxins, control oil and stimulate circulation.


Apply sparingly to the face avoiding eye and lip areas.
Leave on the skin until tacky.
Support the skin with one hand while using the other to gently rub off Mask in an upward motion.
Rinse with warm water.
Follow with Hydrating Gel Mask or Deep Cleansing Mask.

This is the first time that I have encountered a product like this-a Cleansing Clay Peel.

In terms of clarity, I do think that the 2 Masks (Deep Cleansing Mask & Cleansing Mask Peel) are on par. 

But the tightening effect of this mask on my skin is not that obvious as that of the Deep cleansing Mask. My face feels more radiant and purified after using this Mask.

If you do not like to use a Deep Cleansing Mask, you might want to consider using the Cleansing Clay Peel. 

When the mask is around 90% dry, gently rub off the clay from your face. Basically, the process is almost similar to the process of “rubbing off the dirt with an eraser”.

A word of precaution: Be careful about the wetness of the Mask-If the mask is too wet, you will not experience the rubbing effect. Otherwise, if it is too dry, it will be hard to rub off the clay from the face.However, it’s better to be dry than wet as dry mask can be damped with a small splash of water. If you find that my explanation here is a bit confusing, do approach the skincare consultants at the Retail shops for more assistance. 

More about Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask

Size: 50ml

Price: $68

Suitable for: acne-prone and oily to normal skin.

Applied: Weekly

It contains:

Hallo Clay, our Deep Cleansing Mask-detoxify the skin, leaving it clear and balanced, with pores refined. 
Antimicrobial Manuka extract helps cleanse and heal
Active Manuka Honey nourishes and repairs. 


Apply liberally, avoiding eye area.
Leave for at least 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. 
For best results, apply after Vitalising Exfoliant or Cleansing Clay Peel, and follow with Hydrating Toning Gel.

It has been quite a some time since I have last used the Clay Mask. Although I find that Clay Mask is a bit messy to remove, I always like the fact that it can tighten my Pores and Remove Dirt and Toxins effectively from my face.However, please apply a moisturizer immediately after the Usage of this Clay Mask because it might be a bit too drying for the skin.

When this mask is about to dry up, it might be harder for one to talk and smile. Note that this is quite normal and you should not have any expression on your face.During this time, you will feel as if your skin is being tightened by the Clay Mask though. And wrinkles might occur when you try to talk or smile.  

I love this mask because I can see the before and after effects on my skin. Check out the photos below. 

Frankly speaking, I am quite happy with the amazing results of this mask. After the usage of this mask, my large pores are now much more defined and the red inflammations of my blemishes eg zits have reduced slightly.

And I find that my skin does not secrete as much oil as before on the next day. I will highly recommend this Mask for people with oily and combination skin just like me. 

By the way, Living Nature is currently having a promotion whereby you can purchase the deep cleanse and detox kit at S$89.00 (UP $125)**. This kit contains:

Deep cleanse mask
Hydrating toning gel
And rescue gel. 

**Note: Promotion ends this month, May 2012**.

Lastly, for more information about

Living Nature Products, please refer to their online website http://www.livingnature.com/
Living Nature’s Products Promotion and updates, please remember to like Living Nature’s Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-World-Of-Organic-Skincare/268138324884

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