07 May 2012

Loreal infailliable eyeshadow Contest

Remember my last post on Loreal infaillible eyeshadow: 

Here is a chance for you to win a Samsung ST200 Camera:

Before I go on to the contest mechanics, here is a short write-up why I have chosen the colour of Loreal infallible 009 Permanent Kaki as the theme colour.

Unlike other eye shadows, the Loreal infailliable Kaki colour has a smooth and velvety texture which can match with green or green, blue-green or even cyan colour.

I have used Hourglass Beige as the base and Permanent Kaki to highlight my eyes:

Here are some photos of my fashion pieces inspired by this colour.

Kaki or rather green normally gives other an impression that it is a dull colour. But Green can also be fun and refreshing. Green is the colour of leaves that is associated to Mother Nature. It often gives people a tranquil feeling. The reason why I have chosen Green as the background for my blog is because I will like it to be a platform for my readers whereby they can relax and read information about my encounters.

 I do admit that Green is my favourite colour because it is a colour that is often associated with spring. Everyone likes spring because it symbolizes the beginning of a new year with new hopes. The colour trend for the Spring season this year is more of a bright and light Green Colour.  That is why I have bought a lot of clothes of this colour that my colleagues often tease that I have only Green and red colour outfits. Haha

Contest Details:

Date: Now-16th May 2012

Prize: 1 Samsung ST200 Camera worth $299

Simply submit photos of you wearing the Loreal infallible Permanent Kaki eyeshadow colour to my email address: vastgreengrass@gmail.com

PS: Winners will be announced on L’Oreal Paris Singapore Facebook on 16th May. Do note that the entries will be posted on Loreal Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lorealparissingapore too. Good luck!!

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