05 May 2012

Garnier Blogger's Event-2-in-1Tinted Pimple Roll-On

Thanks to the invitation by Garnier, I have been invited to the Bloggers’ Event at Once Upon A Milkshake. 

Although I have heard so much about the milkshake of this café, it’s my first time stepping into this café. While waiting for the other bloggers to arrive (as I am quite early), I order the Strawberry Milkshake.

 To my delight, the milkshake is rather thick in flavor of strawberry which is pleasing to my taste buds.

I am sure that most of you have heard about Garnier--a brand which believes in the power of nature and used natural active ingredients in high technology formula.

My encounter with Garnier begins sometimes ago when I have tried the product of Aqua Defense Gentle Extra-Moisturising Essence. I love this product because of its hydrating properties. I would definitely recommend it to people of a sensitive and oily skin as the product is quite mild in nature. Not forgetting the fact that it has a nice smell of water lily.

More about Garnier Aqua Defense Gentle Extra-Moisturising Essence

Size: 50ml

Price: $19.90

Suitable for: All skin type, including sensitive one.

Product Description: It quenches skin intensely, while reinforcing its natural protective barrier. Its smooth watery gel texture allows the complex to be easily absorbed..

The formula’s richness in water is also designed to lock in moisture, keeping skin revitalized and radiant throughout the day, while reducing skin tightness and discomfort.

It contains:

Water Lily Extract: Known for its calming effect, it  reduces skin irritation and tightness.

Pro-Vitamin B5: A member of the powerful B-complex vitamin family, it is used for its ability to moisturise, soothe, heal, and regenerate skin.

Vitamin E: An antioxidant with skin repairing properties and helps to neutralize free radicals that are cause collagen damage, skin dryness and fine lines.

Finally the event begins. The main focus of this event is the Garnier 2-in-1Tinted Pimple Roll-On Product.

More about Garnier 2-in-1Tinted Pimple Roll-On

Size: 15ml

Price: $22.90

Product Description: It conceals current blemishes and pimples, and has an instant drying effect to help protect against pimple spots before they appear. It covers the blemishes in 1 second, and treats in 24 hours using its HerbaSoothe complex and active drying ingredient which works to soothe and dry pimples in 24 hours.

It contains:

Mineral pigments with high coverage-Long lasting coverage that does not clog pores

HerbaSoothe -instantly clams,soothes and dries pimples.

Many a times, we will like to use the concealer to cover our blemishes and pimples. The alarming effect is that concealer will not work to treat and soothe the inflammation spot. Here is where this new product of Garnier: 2-in-1Tinted Pimple Roll-On comes to the rescue. While covering the blemishes, it also has skin-care properties to treat this spot!!

This is the texture cum colour of the roll on. 

As it comes in only 1 colour, it might not be not be suitable for people with certain skin tones. Since my skin has a yellowish warm skin tone, it works well for me to cover my blemishes.

I have posed my concerns of the possibility of the ball being infected with bacteria as this product is being used to treat the pimples. More-ever, it contains tinted pimple Cream which makes it harder for us to wipe after each usage. Garnier's Product Manager has assured me that it contains HerbaSoothe which will prevent the bacteria from spreading.

Here comes an interesting Garnier Game to win fantastic prizes:

Prizes: $1000 Forever 21 Vouchers


2. Access the Game Application: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDMvl9IjXJw

Here is how the Game works:

Anne has a major pimple breakout and she's hiding because of it! When you have spotted her in the crowd at the Youtube video, simply click on her to go on to the next level. Do note that there will be 3 levels for this page. Once you have cleared the 3 levels, remember to register your particulars to take part in the lucky draw. Good luck!!

PS: The winners will be selected randomly and ***there is no restriction about the no of times you can take part in this contest.***

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