06 April 2012

SaSatinnie Bloggers “Celebratory Look” Contest

SaSa will be celebrating her 34th Anniversary this year from March 29 to April 30 and there will be special promotions for all her loyal fans and customers out there. 

Do check out her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150692213104424.426507.162244544423 for more information. This is definitely a great piece of news for loyal SASA Fans out there.

Speaking of which, there will be a SaSatinnie Bloggers “Celebratory Look” contest on SaSa FB. Before I go on the details of the Contest, I will like to take this opportunity to wish "SaSa a happy 34th Anniversary. Please bring in more and more brands of products." I am so envy with jealousy when I have visited the SaSa Outlets in Hong Kong. SaSa in Hong Kong sure has a lot of skincare and makeup products that are not sold in Singapore for eg my ever favourite Kao eye Mask and LUNASOL makeup

These are the products that I have received from SASA:
Sasatinnie Limited Edition Fall in Love Makeup Palette in Smoky Charcoal collection
Sasatinnie Sugary Heart Lipgloss Platte in Pinky Red Collection.
Sasatinnie Sparkly Liquid Eyeliner.

Here is the look that I have created. I do admit that Heavy Celebratory Makeup is not my forte and this is the first time that I have tried to put on heavy makeup. 

Here are the short reviews of Sasatinnie Products that I have received:

More about Sasatinnie Limited Edition Fall in Love Makeup Palette in Smoky Charcoal collection

Price: $29.90

Net Weight: 7.5g


I love this set of color because the blusher is lovely in Coral Colour and suitable for a fair person like me. Another plus point is that the eyeshadow are pretty intense in colour and suitable to create a more dramatic and smoky look.

More about Sasatinnie Sugary Heart Lipgloss Platte in Pinky Red Collection.

Price: $12.90

Net Weight: 1.1g


I love these trio shiny colours because they are so versatile and can match with any type of looks that you have created. Isn’t the colours so pinky and pretty?

More about Sasatinnie Sparkly Liquid Eyeliner in 03 Regal Blue

Price: $11.90

Net Weight: 2.5ml

This eyeliner is so easily to glide on and easy to draw.

SaSatinnie Bloggers “Celebratory Look” Contest

Voting period: 5th April to 18th April 2012

Mechanics of Contest: 10 Lucky Winners who voted for the Blogger with the highest number of vote and commented why they like the look will walk away with a SASA Hamper worth over $100 each.

Note: Do remember to leave a comment at my photo as I need your support in this blogger contest. 

In conjunction with this contest, I have decided to hold my own personal giveaway contest should I emerge as a winner for this contest. If I am the winner of this blogger event, I will be selecting 10 winners from the pool of comments via random.org to win fantastic prizes.

***Grand Prize will be a skincare product worth $99********

 That is really a win-win situation as if I win in this Blogging Contest

Here is how it works: After voting and commenting on my photo, please leave a comment on this blog-post with your FB Name and Email Address to participate in my own blog give-away. I will be checking the entries to tally with the comments. 

PS: Do note that this personal giveaway will only be activated if and only if I am the winner of SaSatinnie Bloggers “Celebratory Look” Contest.  Entries received after 18th April 2012 will be disqualified for this contest

Lastly, good luck to all of us and thank you for your loyal support in reading my blog.


Anonymous said...

have voted twice. all the best to you, sis! will get my sibling to help also.

Name: Irene Soh
Email : ireneyksoh@yahoo.com.sg

Jan S said...

All the best, Carol! I hope you win :)

facebook name: Jan Sunday
email: jansng@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol

I hope you will win and so I have voted for you.

Name: Elaine Chang
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Bebe said...

Hi Carol

I've voted for you. Keep up the good work.

FB Name Bebe Lee
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Anonymous said...

Good luck, Carol!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck !

Name : daphgnegal

email : dapgal1234@hotmail.com

Aruna said...

Hey Carol, You do look like a Celebrity and you have my votes...go win this Girl! Do make us proud :)

FB Name : Aruna L Mascarenhas
Email id : arunaterry@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Fb name: Neu Syhan Annabelle
e-mail : bubby@msn.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, good luck to you...you have all our support!

FB Name : Terry Jude
Email id: terry1070@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi i have voted for u... all the best

FB name: swee teng jasmine
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Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, have voted For you, all the best!

FB name: Chin Ming
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Anonymous said...

Good luck, hope you will win.

FB name: Christine Sim
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Anonymous said...

Hi. I've voted for you a couple of times :)
FB Name: Kaori Lizaso
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Hope you win! Thanks :)

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FB Name: Sharon Ngo Hea Ming
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Anonymous said...

Voted few times for you, good luck!

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