15 April 2012

Review of Dermalogica's overnight repair serum (Sponsored)

I have received the product of overnight repair serum from dermalogica for review. For your information, this product is part of dermalogica’s Age Smart Series.

More about dermalogica

All dermalogica products are manufactured in the USA. Known worldwide as the “professional choice”.Dermalogica is founded on the belief that good skin care is not about pampering or luxury…any more than brushing teeth or washing hair.

Using only the finest ingredients, all Dermalogica products are non-comedogenic and 
contain no

occlusive mineral oil or lanolin
irritating artificial colors or fragrance
drying S.D. alcohol or formaldehyde

Available: At all AsterSpring Origin of Beauty Centres and dermalogica- authorized skin-care centre. For locations, visit www.dermalogica.com.sg

More about dermalogica’s Age Smart

It is an innovative, scientifically-advanced system of products specifically designed to prevent and repair internal and external damage to aging system.

Targeted to address the following signs of premature aging in our skin including

Uneven Pigmentation
Hyper pigmentation
Loss of elasticity and Tone to the skin

More about Over-night Repair Serum

Size: 15ml

Price: $138

Where to buy: Refer to  www.dermalogica.com.sg

Product Description: It provides cell nourishment and protection while you sleep.

Functions: To firms the skin and restores its capacity to maintain suppleness and moisture by fighting multiple signs of aging which includes

Lack-lustre skin
Broken capillaries
and Age related collagen loss

Main ingredients:

Argan Oil-helps shields the liquid barrier while inhibiting the production of enzymes which break down collagen and the underlying structure of skin tissue
Brown Seaweeds-fights free radicals which erode collagen resiliency
Vitamin C enriched Rose Hip Oil-helps minimize discoloration while helping to boost cell renewal.
Base of Botanical Oil incorporating the aroma of Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Neroli

How it works:

This fusion formulation allows the active peptide, Palmitoyal Tripeptide-38, to accelerate production of collagen and Hyaluronic Acid without irritating the skin. The strategic chemical partnering allows the powerful peptide to produce results more quickly and effectively, while essential oils and restorative agents help restore skin integrity and protection.  


Start by pressing 4-6 drops of Over-night Serum onto the skin and smooth outward with light finger strokes

Recommended Massaging Techniques :

Acupoint 1: Press on the temples with the middle fingers. This helps with headaches and relaxation.
Acupoint 2: Press underneath the eye on top of the cheek bone. This helps improve eye clarity

Acupoint 3: Press on the inner eye sockets. This helps relieve sinus pressure, headaches, pain and swelling around the eye area.
Acupoint 4: Press inside the eye socket bone under the brow. Helps relieve headaches and sinus pressure
Acupoint 5: Press on the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows . This helps calm the mind

Acupoint 6: Press on the corners of the mouth. This helps rejuvenate the face and tone muscles
Acupoint 7: Press on the centre of the crease between the end of the nose and the top of the lip. This helps the spirit
Acupoint 8: Press on the centre of the crease between the lower lip and the chin. This helps with hormonal balance

The first thing that I have noticed is its overwhelming fragrance incorporating the aroma of Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Neroli This aroma is almost similar to those essential oil that is often used in Spa. Unlike other products that I have used before, the fragrance of this product still lingers on my face for around a few minute after it has been absorbed. Highly recommended for people who love essential oil.

The next thing that I like about this product is its bottle design. It actually has a stopper type of design which makes it easier to pour out the product in droplet form.

I am guessing that the reason why the bottle is designed in this way because one will only need 4-6 drops of this serum per night application.

When I first poured out this serum, I do find that the texture feels like essential oil. 

I am quite skeptical about its oily texture at first as oily products are not easily absorbed into the skin. But, I am wrong as this serum is easily absorbed into the skin. Immediately, you can feel that your skin feel smoother as though there is a natural transparent protective layer on my skin. 

Although I have not seen the lines disappearing  from my face, I am really glad that they are not as deep as before. 

I will strongly recommend you to try out the massaging techniques with the serum as above. The massaging techniques are essential to relax my skin and help me to improve the quality of my sleep. 

Do try out this product if you are currently looking for a sleeping serum with essential oil frgrance that has anti-aging properties.

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