08 April 2012

Review of Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash (Sponsored)

Thanks to the invitation by Cozycot, I have been invited to write a review for Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash (for Normal/Combination Skin) 

More about Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash 

Size: 150ml 

Price: $13.90

Product Type: For Normal/Combination Skin

Product Description: This product is able to pamper your skin with gentle yet thorough cleansing. Instant foam with just one pump!

Pump appropriate amount of foam (1-2 pumps) onto palm and massage onto wet face
Rinse thoroughly with water
Avoid pumping in excessively wet conditions


This is one of the unique products in the world that uses Ultra-Fine Foam to cleanse the face.

Frankly speaking, I do like this idea because I have sensitive combination skin. Many a times, a lot of us, including me actually has the misconceptions that an effective cleanser has to cleanse our face thoroughly. That is why we always rub our skin when washing our face, fearing that the all the dirt and impurities cannot be removed at 1 go. But, the fact is that if you always wash your face frequently or use a harsh cleanser, chances are that you will irritate the oil glands and cause more breakouts.

This cleanser is quite mild in nature and uses foam with moisturizing Collagen Properties to cleanse your face.

This is already adequate if you wash your face at least once a day. I have tried this cleanser and am quite pleased with its cleansing properties. However, it also takes me a while to get use to the idea of using just foam to cleanse my skin. I only got used to it gradually after realizing that my skin feels silky smooth after cleansing. For people who love to use a cleanser with lots of foam, this product is definitely suitable for you. 

Some advises to take note when using this product:

Do take note that not to shake the bottle, so that the foam can be dispensed properly.
Please also remember to place on flat surface before dispensing. 
There is a stopper attaching to this bottle. Please remember to put the stopper back on the bottle when you are not using this product. This is because the moisture from the bathroom might accidentally flows into the bottle where it will dilute the foam.

Another interesting fact about this product is that it can only produce 150 pumps. If you actually use 2 pumps per time, it will last you for 75 times of usage. As I washed my face twice a day, it would probably last me 1 month. Quite economical for a price of $13.90, I must say.

Lastly, do try out this product if you are opened to this idea of using just foam to cleanse your face. 

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