22 April 2012


I have been invited to the media event of NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO media event at Art Science Museum @ Marina BAY Sand.

By the time I have reached the museum, the event has already started with an opening speech of Valerio Nannini, Managing Director, Nestle Singapore.

Shortly after this, a short film is being shown on the big screen showcasing the timelines and the product uniqueness of Dolce Gusto.

In this blogging post, I will be letting the pictures do the talking. Refer to the caption below for more information:

This short film above really takes me into the fascinating world of Dolce Gusto. Before this event, I thought that this machine is just like other ordinary coffee machine out there. Through this film, I start to understand that Dolce Gusto is an innovative coffee machine which breaks all the rules. It is a fun coffee machine that will let you prepare and deliver a variety of coffee like Cappucino and Latte Macchiato in less than 1 minute. 

Now, you can enjoy the convenience of having the highest-quality coffee at your own premises. What is more fascinating is that this machine can also brew tea such as Green Tea and Peach Tea, in hot sizzling or icy cold version.  Amazing isn’t it? Personally, I have tasted the Iced Peach Tea brewed by this machine as I am not a coffee lover.

The tea really tastes great with the strong flavour of Peach that is not too sweet.

After this short presentation, it is free and easy time whereby we can visit the other exhibitions such as Titanic at this Museum.  However, I am so engrossed with the artifacts of the Titanic Exhibition that I have forgotten to take any photos.

Lastly, I will like to take this opportunity to thank Nestle for the invitation. What a great way to spend my Wednesday evening time at the Art Science Museum.

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