21 April 2012

My very first foot massage at Feet Haven Reflexology (Sponsored)

It’s my first time doing foot massage and I am quite skeptical about it at first. Will it hurt? I sure it would because I have seen a lot of Taiwan Variety Shows using foot massage as a punishment for the losing team. But, as soon as I have stepped inside Feet Haven Reflexology, a relaxing and cozy environment awaits me, with leather chair and aromatherapy burning.

 Immediately, I have forgotten all my worries about the pain of Foot Massage.

For your information, Feet Haven Reflexology is at 136 East Coast Road #01-01 Singapore 428821. If you are still unsure of the location, here is a clue for you: It is just a walking distance from one of the newest shopping centre of 112 Katong. The shop is being owned and run by siblings, Dennis & Wendy Toh and it offers a variety of services, like relaxing foot reflexology, neck and shoulder massages etc.

If you feel that you are getting the pins and needles from the tensions on your body part like feet and neck, this might be the place for you to relax and get a good massage. They are currently offering 2 Saver Package Promotion: 6+1 Extra Saver Package at $168 or 10+2 Super Saver Package at $280.

 For more enquiries about the package, do give them a call at  63447311 or visit their shop.

After the registration, Wendy shows me a series of pictures card whereby I can choose the degree of strength for my massage and the option of small talk.

If you are a shy person, this is definitely an option for you- to express through these picture cards

My Masseur is Kavin and he is quite a nice guy.

As I mentioned to him that this is my very first feet massage, he says that he will not exert so much strength. This is because I might not be able to take the pains.  True enough, I have felt some pains on my feet when he is pressing on some acupoints. I do find that he is very knowledgeable because he has a certificate in TCM Acupuncture.  2 interesting facts that I have found out from him: Massage originated from Egypt. Remember to sleep early between 11-1 am as this is the time where your liver will detoxify.

I do appreciate the fact that he breaks my foot massage session into 2 with the neck and shoulder massage in between.

The neck and shoulder massage is rather relaxing and works on to relief some pain from my stiff neck. I am glad that the first feet massage is being done professionally by him as I have a bad experience for my very first body massage years ago.

Overall, I have a nice experience at Feet Haven Reflexology. In conjunction with the 1 year anniversary, they are also holding a FB Contest from 19th April to 10th May whereby you get to win 1 of the 5 free sessions

For more details and promotion updates, please check out their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/FeetHaven


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