15 April 2012

Astalift event

I have been invited to Astalift event by Vanity Trove Box a beauty box service provider offering beautiful surprises. As I arrived late for the event from work on a Friday afternoon, I have missed the first part of the presentation. Nevertheless, I have a great time at the event testing out the Products and getting to know more about the brand of Astalift.

More about Astalift

Shop: Centre point, #02-04.

Astalift is a skincare brand under Fuji Film which has just been launched in Singapore For your information, ASTA in Japanese means “tomorrow” while LIFT refers to uplifting your inner emotions as beauty also comes from within. 

Before the event, I did not know that Astalift is under the umbrella of Fuji Film. I am sure that a lot of you out there will be just as surprised as I am. Isn’t Fuji Film famous for films, camera and its accessories? Well, once you understand the relationship between film and ageing, you will have known why the brand of FujiFilm is able to develop Astalift , a skincare brand that is able to bring radiant, youthful-looking skin from within.

Relationship between Photo Film and Aging of Skin

Skin ageing is caused by oxidation, a natural process which also causes photographs to fade.   As FUJIFILM’s is considered a well-known brand in the Photo Film Industry, she

have an extensive knowledgeable about the process of oxidation

have successfully cultured collagen with the same amino-acid sequence as that in human skin. Reason being the the primary raw material of photographic film is also made of collagen.

used the very same nano-technology– for exposing and colour developing in film to enable the Astalift products to penetrate deep into the different layers of the skin.

Unique Feature of Astalift Products:
They contain:

Astaxanthin, the red pigment which contains powerful anti-oxidant properties.

three types of collagens to optimise the yield rate of penetration into your skin


At this event, I am given a brief walkthrough of all Astalift products including skincare products, sun blocks supplement. Check out the photos below.

Frankly speaking, I do love the aroma of Astalift products as they have the alluring scent of Damask Rose. Just the right type of smell to uplift my mood at the end of day when I am so tired after a busy day at work.

Among all the products here, I will like to bring your attention to 2 star products of Astalift, namely, Jelly Aquarysta and Moisturising Mask

More about Jelly Aquarysta

Function: Enhancing your skin’s ability to naturally retain moisture

When to apply: After you have washed your skin, before your lotion and moisturiser

Texture: Jelly Texture

I heard that this product is highly raved in Japan and has been voted the no 1 Serum in Japan (by iVoCE) in 2011. And the amazing thing is that this product is able to reshapes itself over time. What do I mean by that? One can actually try to mess up the jelly inside with a spoon or cotton swab. Wait for a few minutes and you will see the jelly settle in the jar as though it has not been messed with.  Quite amazing, isn’t it?

More about Moisturizing Mask

Function: Pamper your skin with 10 minutes of intense hydration and firmness-enhancing mask treatment

When to apply: Use after Lotion

This mask consists of 2 pieces (comprising upper and lower mask) of fibre material that are stretchable in all directions. This is the first time that I have ever heard of masks that are stretchable in all direction. Many a times, I do find that some of the sheet masks out there are simply too small for my face. This is definitely a product that I would like to try. During this event, there is a demo on a male model. Check out the photos below.

What a great way to enjoy my Fiday afternoon, learning more about the brand of Astalift. Lastly, I will like to thank Vanity Trove and Astalift for the invitation.

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