04 March 2012

ZA makeup launch Event

I have been invited to the ZA makeup launch Event at Selfish gene café at 40 Craig Road.

I am quite excited about this event as I always like ZA makeup and am using ZA Loose Power at the moment. More-ever, ZA products has been awarded a few Beauty Awards in Various Magazines such as Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Singapore Magazine etc. 

The main focus of this event is on 2 Products-ZA True Plus Liquid Foundation and the Deep cleansing oil.

ZA True Plus Liquid Foundation is a whitening foundation that is loved by the renowned Celebrity Makeup Artist, Larry Yeo.

By the way, ZA has decided to launch this product because research has shown that Asian women yearn for fairer skin. I do agree with this finding as there is a Chinese saying that “A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults” For me, I am always on the constant lookout for skin care and make-up products that have whitening properties

More about ZA True Plus Liquid Foundation

Price: $23.50

Color Range: 6 New Color, ranging from OCOW to PO10

Available: exclusively at Watsons from 1 March onwards

The whitening properties of ZA True Plus Liquid Foundation comprises:

Bright White Complex which comprises of Spotless Brightening Powder and Poreless Power minimizes darks spots, dark spots, freckles and pores and achieves a white pearly radiant finish

Vitamin C derivative suppresses melanization to prevent and improve dark spots and pigmentations

SPF 25 PA++ fully protects skin against UV rays

Za’s signature ingredients: Minerals, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, Allergy-trested by dermatologists

I have tested out this product on my hand during the event and I am quite impressed with the brightening effects of this foundation.

 What’s more, this product has a smooth and light weight texture that will be able to stay beautifully fresh all days long. 

Application: After applying skincare, take some foundation (push dispenser once) and smooth evenly from the center of the face onwards. For areas that need extra coverage, take a small amount on your fingertip and lightly pat over.

Larger size of ZA Deep Cleansing Oil

If you are a fan of ZA Deep Cleansing Oil, you will be pleased to know that ZA will be launching a larger version of this product

Size: 200ml

Price: $22.90

Product Description: Oil with excellent cleansing power. Dissolves pore-clogging serum, impurities and make up residue effortlessly and can be rinsed away thoroughly. It can be used for morning cleansing or to cleanse hard to remove mascaras and other water-poof makeup. Dermatologists tested.

I have personally tried out this cleansing Oil. I really love the effectiveness of its cleansing Power which can be demonstrated by its ability to remove water-proof mascaras. 

 After the PowerPoint presentations, we are treated to a scrumptious brunch. Check out the chicken sandwich that I have ordered. 

Next up is the fun activity that ZA has lined up for us. We are honoured to have the owner of Selfish gene café to teach us how to create our own Latte Art.

 Before the Latte Art demonstration, he shares with us the philosophy of Selfish gene café: Gene is Selfish because he will not serve food that he would not eat! 

I shall not explain in details how to create Latte Art but I do admit that it is quite a fun process.

Here a little tip: If your design does not meet your expectations, you can simply pour some cocoa power to cover up your mistakes. 

Overall, I have an enjoyable time at the event and will like to thank ZA for the invitation.   

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