18 March 2012

Review of Cure Natural Aqua Gel

In this post, I am going to share the benefits of Cure Natural Aqua Gel.

 It is currently one of my favourite exfoliator at the moment because of its water-based nature.

 For your information, we should always exfoliate our skin on a regular basis, not more than twice a week. 

This process is so important because our skin will undergo a renewal process every 28 days. When that happens, the new cells will push up the old skin cells to the surface. If these old skin cells are not removed, it will form a thick layer of flakes deposits at the epidermis level (basic surface). When this happens, your skin will not be able to “breathe” and regenerate itself. As a result, it will lead to various skin problems such as clogged pores etc. Not forgetting the fact that it can also obstruct and prevent the skincare care products from being absorbed into our skin. 

About  Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Before going on to the detailed product description, here are 2 fun trivial facts about this product: 

Did you know that this product

has been included in the 2009 Oscar swag bag for Academy Award nominee? 

is so popular that a bottle is sold every 20 seconds? 

Product Description:

Price: $42.00

Size: 250ml

Unlike other exfoliators out in the skincare market, this product is made of 90% revitalized hydrogen water and natural plant extracts of aloe vera, gingko and rosemary. 

Most of us know that aloe vera has healing power for our skin but do you know the wonders of gingko and rosemary?  Well, gingko has moisturizing effects to prevent colored spots such as freckles while rosemary has anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria effects.  

More-ever, this product contains no preservative, fragrance, artificial colorings and alcohol.

Wow, this is definitely a product that only contains natural ingredients with no artificial chemical constitutes that is suitable for all skin types including sensitive ones. With 90% of just water, this product is certainly mild in nature and is not too harsh on my skin. 

Where to find Cure Product: At selected Watsons’ Outlet

For the detailed locations on where you can find the Cure Product, check out this link: http://www.japalang.sg/cure/Finding_Cure.html

Usage of Cure:

Make sure that your skin is dry. Do take note that this product will not exfoliate well on wet skin.

Pump a small amount of Cure on your hand and apply it on your face. Gently massage in a circular motion for duration of 30 second to 1 minute. 

The gel will turn into milky liquid and white particles of dead skin cells can be seen as though they are lifted off from your skin. 

Rinse well with water. The after-effect is that your skin will feel smoother and softer.


I really loved this product for its water-based texture which is not too harsh on my skin. It feels just like a light serum with a smooth texture on my face.

 I can hardly feel the beads in this product unlike the texture of the other exfoliators. Sometimes, I just wonder whether this product of Japan actually uses an innovative technology of purely water to exfoliate my skin. Well, I do not have the answer but all I can say is that I can really see all the dead skin shedding off despite its water-based nature. This can be demonstrated by the leftover of the white particles of dead skin cells after massaging my face in a circular motion.

As a person with combination skin, I am in a dilemma whereby I need to exfoliate my skin effectively and yet use a product that is mild in nature.  Here is where Cure Natural Aqua Gel comes to my rescue-It is able to get rid of my dead cells while it does not irritate my skin. If I use a product that is too harsh, my oil glands will be irritated and produce over-excessive oil as a result. When that happens, it will lead to more breakouts and blemishes on my skin. That is why I need to be careful of my choice of exfoliators.

After washing off the Aqua Gel from my face, I can immediately sense that my face has become much smoother and brighter. I am glad that I have got rid of the dead skin cell with the help of this wonderful product.

 Without the obstruction of this layer of old cell flakes, the serum and moisturizers would be able to absorb and penetrate better into my skin. This is what I call " getting rid of deep skin cells for a good cause".

The only drawback would be its expansive price of $42 for a retail size of 250ml. Personally, I do feel that this price is quite reasonable as it would improve the absorption of my other skincare products. More-ever after several months of usage, I do notice that my face has become fairer. I am quite happy with the results. Lastly, do try out this product if you wish to exfoliate your skin with a gentle water-based product. 

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