25 March 2012

Nestle Preview of “Amazing Journey” Exhibition

I have been invited to the Nestle Exclusive Preview of “Amazing Journey” Exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore.

This is a special occasion for Nestle as this exhibition commemorates the 100 years of her presence in Singapore (1912-2012). On this very day, I will like to wish Nestle “Happy 100th Birthday! May there be another 200, 300 or even 1000 years to come”

This exhibition is like a timeline gallery where it showcases the history of Nestle in Singapore. 

Here are some photos (with interesting facts) that I have taken at the Exhibition:

More about the company of Nestle

Nestle similarly begins as a trading company under the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co. As high-quality imported goods from Europe, Nestle products were initially affordable mainly to the Europeans and rich locals. Nestle products were regarded as treats to be treasured and enjoyed sparingly.

An article on Nestle and the developing countries

Embracing Singapore’s drive to industrialize, Nestle started operations of the new Jurong Factory in 1967. 

Nestle Products’  Timline

A showcase of Nestle condensed milk.

Do you know that Milo (one of Singaporean’s favourite beverage) is being launched in 1936?

In 1985, Maggi Cook it Right range of Product is Launched

Healthier Choice-NESVITA Hi-Calcium Low Fat Milk is launched in 1999. In this same year,McDonald’s launches Nestle Iced Koppiccino Iced Milo.

In 2000, Kit Kat got bigger and heartier with Chunky


Singapore will have one of the fastest aging populations in the future years to come…Nestle has developed healthy products such as Omega Plus, Nutren Optimum and Resource Thicken Up.

Food Booth and Childhood Games

I am also in for a treat at this exhibition as there are booths for us to sample Nestle products such as Maggi Noodle,Dolce Gusto and Sijora Drink.

Not forgetting the fun that I have while trying out childhood games such as Five Stones and Marbles.

Overall, I do have a lovely time at this preview exhibition. It will be opened to the public at Marina Square Atrium L1 from 24th-25th March. Do dropped by and visit the exhibition if you happened to be at the city Hall Area.

Here comes a good new: 

Nestle will be holding a special contest on their website: http://www.nestle100years.com.sg/wishes.html  whereby she will be fulfilling the wishes of 100 lucky participants.  The Wishes should be unique and should reflect the theme of “Good Food, Good Life”. Do note that Wishes must be submitted by 20th September 2012 and able to be completed by 15th November 2012. Good Luck!!!

Lastly, I will like to thank Nestle for the invitation of this exhibition preview.

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