05 March 2012

Announcement-winners of the 2B for the Face contest

The exciting moment has come….

Who will be the 10 lucky winners who walk away with a box of 2B for the face….?

Before that, I will like to thank all readers for your support in participating in this contest/reading my blog.

Drum rolls….

No of participants: 56

Winner 1:

40-Sarah Keh

Winner 2:

16-Quek CH

Winner 3:

5-Christine Sim

Winner 4:


Winner 5:

21-Vincent Phang

Winner 6: 

35-Jasmine Tang

Winner 7:


Winner 8:

13-Fiona Tay

Winner 9:

24-Chloe Tan

Winner 10: 


Congrats to all winners!! I will be contacting you via email by this week to arrange for the the time and venue to pick up the prizes. For those who did not win this time, do not be disappointed as I will be organizing more giveaways in the future,

Lastly, I will like to thank 2B Alternative for the sponsorship. Do remember to support 2B Products! 

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