22 February 2012

What kind of Singaporean you are?

What type of Singaporean are you? Are you the super “Kiasu”,” heck care” or the law abiding Singaporean? Personally, I do not think that the phrases of “Kiasu” and heck care” describe us as the ugly Singaporeans. Well, a coin has always 2 side-we can think of them as positive attributes as well.

“Kiasu” means  competitiveness to stay ahead of the race 
Heck care means we have trust that our society will be able to prosper because it is being managed by professional people.
Law abiding means we do not want to break the law because we want to create a gracious society.

Well, here comes a chance for you to discover for yourself the type of Singaporeans are.

 Simply go to this website http://itsmyturn.sg/ and take a mini quiz.

The quiz is being categorized into Speak, Eat, Play and Do.

Do note that this quiz is not the old boring type of quizzes that you normally take. I cannot help myself laughing while taking this quiz. In fact, I think that Singaporeans will be amazed at the questions because they are really so true to our heart. Check out some of the excepts of the questions

Except of question 1:

When I talk,

It’s a rojak of English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and Singlish
Actually I prefer to WhatsApp or SMS rather than talk face-to-face
I say things out loud. There's no point hiding you know
I make sure that I'm politically correct( You never know who may be listening)

What will you choose? I choose the first option of rojak because I always find myself speaking Singlish (with all the “lah”,“lor” and “hor”)while trying to communicate with my friends and family.   I do find that the second option is also correct in my case but I do not use WhatsApp.

I may be a tortoise of the new technology but I personally find that SMS is more convenient than What’sApp. All my friends use What’s App Application except me. Haha

Except of question 2:

What is your favourite Singlish Phrase?

Don't worry, sure can one
How can like that?
Relax...Anything also can la
Chope!The sign says you cannot do that!

This is the most hilarious question. At first, I do not want to include it in my blog post but I will really share this question with all my readers. I have a hard time choosing the answer. In the end, I decided to go for “ How can like that” with the iconic swaying of my elbow in mind. 

Except of question 3:

My Favourite Drink is...

My friends like Bubble tea, I also like it
Coffee brewed with Fair Trade beans
Anything without alcohol, especially if I'm driving

My answer is A. My Favourite drink is definitely the Bubble Tea not because my friends like it. 

The main reason is that I have softness for sweet drinks, especially tea with round black pearls. In my younger days, I used to have it fortnightly. I know that it is not good for my health as it is quite high in sugar and calories but I still like it…. Will there be any loyal Singaporeans out there who will choose NEWater? Frankly speaking, I do admit that the NEWater Technology is innovative and we should be proud of it because it is a technology developed solely by Singaporeans. But I will stick to my option of Bubble Tea.

Ain’t these 3 questions funny and yet so true to our personal life? Do visit the website http://itsmyturn.sg/ now and take part in the quiz. 

Now, comes the exciting part. What type of Singaporean am I? 

Drum Rolls….Oh no, I am so anxious…..

Answer Reveals….I am a Take it Easy Singaporean.

Well, I think this answer is only 60% true. Somethings I do take it easy while there are other things that I am quite anxious worry. For example, I am not a picky person when it comes to food so long as it is not spicy. For your information, I am a rare Singaporean who does not take spicy food from young. My favourite hawker centre is somewhere near my house because I am so lazy to travel to another places for good food.

If anything major events like flood or a fight happens, just call the authorities because I trust their crisis management capability.

However, I am more uptight about other things, for example, submitting documents for application or paying my bills.

I always make sure that I submit them early so as not to miss the deadline. In that sense, I do not take it easy because I am afraid of fines….I also find that the fees of certain places of interest in Singapore like Universal Studios are so expansive and I will not visit them unless I have some discount coupons. Call me a miser but I find that they are not worthwhile visiting. I can simply visit them anytime since they are situated in Singapore. But, if it is situated overseas; I am willing to pay because I might have the chance to visit them again. Therefore, am I a Take it Easy Singaporean? Hmm..

By the way, if you are not satisfied with the answer, you can simply take the quiz again. Lastly, do share with me your thoughts and the type of Singaporeans that you are by commenting on this blogging post

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