12 February 2012

Reviews of Neogence ACE Revitalizing and Brightening Series

Thanks to the invitation by SASA once again, I will be reviewing the new range of Neogence ACE Products in this post, namely, Neogence ACE:

• Intensive Whitening Lotion
• Liposome Renewal Whitening Serum
• Revitalizing Hydrating Fluid
• Pore Concealing & Revitalizing Base Gel
• Ace Revitalizing Eye Serum
• Ace Renewal & Repairing Mask

Neogence ACE Revitalizing and Brightening Series

Suitable for: combination and oily skins

Function: Skin Renewal, Brightening, Protection and Anti-Oxidant

Major ingredients: 

  • Contains Vitamin A, C and E- works on the deep, underlaying layers of skin to renew, restructure, and metabolize old skin cells, improving absorption
  • Patent Liposome® Conduction Technology- increase ingredient penetration by 300%

Where to find Neogence ACE Products:  exclusively at SASA

Note: I have been using the ACE Products for 2 weeks. Check out the before and after photos below:

Ace Intensive Whitening Lotion

Size: 120ml

Price: $26.90

Description: A lotion that can hydrates and effectively enhances absorption of active ingredients

Product Features:
  • Vitamin A+C+E
  • Ellagic acid + Chamomile- effectively represses melanin processes, brightening skin tone

Usage: After cleansing the face, pat a proper amount of Ace Intensive Whitening Lotion onto face.


This lotion has a nice refreshing smell and it is easily absorbed into my skin. Instantly, I can feel that my skin “is awakened”.

Ace Liposome Renewal Whitening Serum

Size: 30ml

Price: $67.90

Description: It improves production of collagen and skin elasticity at the same time.

Product Features:
  • Vitamin A+C+E
  • High concentrate vitamin A- rejuvenate skin cell, refine pores, and increase skin elasticity
  • Vitamin C- brighten  and firm your skin

Usage: Apply a proper amount of  Ace Liposome Renewal Whitening Serum onto face and neck, massage thoroughly with fingertips


I do welcome the fact that this bottle has a unique dropper design which makes it easier to control the amount of serum out from the container. 

More-ever this serum is more towards a watery and not creamy texture which is much hydrating for my combination skin. 

By having enough moisture for my skin, it will surely reduce the amount of excessive sebum that is produced by my oil glands.

Ace Revitalizing Hydrating Fluid

Size: 50ml

Price: $39.90

Description: It provides aid in sebum restoration to regain perfect skin balance in oil and water.

Product Features:
  • Vitamin A+C+E 
  • Peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 effectively smoothes wrinkles
  • Natural olive extract is refreshing, moisturizing, and easy to absorb

Usage: After cleansing the face, firstly use the lotion and the serum , then apply a proper amount of the product onto face and neck, message thoroughly with fingertips


This is the first time that I have ever encountered a moisturizer with such a smooth texture. 

And what really amazes me is that after applying this Fluid on my face, my face has become smooth too with refined pores. This is definitely a moisturizer that I will be using in the long run as I do have the problems of enlarged pores due to blemishes.  Do note that this Bottle of Fluid actually comes with a spatula for you to scoop out the Fluid.

Now, I do not have to worry about the rest of the fluid contaminated with dust and germ as I will not be using my hand to scoop out the fluid. 

Ace Pore Concealing & Revitalizing Base Gel

Size: 50ml

Price: $33.90 

Description: This Base Gel is a pre-make up skin care which improves the adhesion and duration of make-up.

Product Features:
  • Vitamin A
  • Elastic elements refine and cover up pores and fine lines, refine skin smoothness.
  • Trehalose Tornare® control sebum secretion, moisturize, and keep skin fresh

Usage: Following your regular skincare routine, apply a proper amount onto face evenly or onto areas of concerns, including fine lines and visible pores. After that, make up as usual


This is the first time that I have ever used such a base Gel.

Somehow, my make-up does last slightly longer than before. I do feel that this product does a good job in keeping my face “Matt”. If you do not make on makeup, you can possibly skip this step as the first 3 products mentioned above is already sufficient to make your complexion bright and radiant.

Ace Revitalizing Eye Serum

Size: 15mL

Price: $36.90

Description: This item brightens, smoothes out dryness & fine lines around the eyes areas.

Product Features:
  • 2% high concentration of  vitamin A
  • Vitamin A+C+E energize the eye-area
  • Patent peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 effectively reduce wrinkles
  • Eye-area brightening factor Biophytex® lighten dark eye circles

Usage: Apply a proper amount onto eye contour area. Massage gently with fingertips. Can be used in the morning and as a treatment at bedtime


This Eye Serum has a very light texture which is easily absorbed into the eye contour area. Instantly my eyes are much more energized.

As for its ability to smooth out dryness & fine lines around the eyes area, I do not really see a great difference though. Maybe I will need more time before I can see effective results.

Ace Renewal & Repairing Mask

Size: 3pcs/ box 

Price: $22.90

Description: Special Micro Introducing Mask that enhances skin elasticity and repairing.

Product Features: 
  • Vitamin A+C+E microemulsion essence- 15minutes of intensive repairing.
  • Peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000

Usage: Peel off the sachet, unfold the mask and discard the plastic layer. Place the mask onto face and make it perfectly fit. After positioning, peel off the blue layer. Discard the mask 15-20 minutes later. No need to wash after using.

This micro Mask is actually wrapped in between the white plastic and the blue layers.

I do feel that the mask is too flimsy to handle on its own, so please remember the procedure to put it on your face: 

first peel off the white plastic layer
fit the mask on your face
and then peel off the blue layer.

After applying the mask, my skin instantly becomes more radiant and brighter.

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Overall, I do like ACE series of Products from Neogence as it does a good job in making my complexion brighter. 

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