08 January 2012

(Sponsored) Reviews of NARUKO Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Products 1-Cleansing Gel, Toning Essence & Toning Emulsion

Thanks to the exclusive invitation by NARUKO Singapore, I will be reviewing a series of Naruko products that have just hit the shores of Singapore recently, namely, NARUKO
  • Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Cleansing Gel
  • Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Toning Essence
  • Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Toning Emulsion
  • Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Serum
  • Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Cream
  • Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Night Gelly
  • Taiwan Magnolia Brightening & Firming Mask

If you have not heard of the brand of NARUKO before, here is a clue: Niu Er Lao Shi (牛尔老师). For your information, NARUKO is a skincare brand skincare brand which is created by the master skincare Guru, Niu Er Lao Shi (牛尔老师). What I like about this brand is that it offers high calibre skincare products at an affordable price since Niu Er Lao Shi is very particular and knowledgeable about the ingredients in the skincare Products. 

About Lupin

In this post, I will be reviewing the first 3 Lupin Products—Anti-wrinkle Firming Cleansing Gel, Toning Essence and Emulsion. 

A lot of us, including me do not really know much about Lupin except for the popular Chinese song by Jenny 甄妮 (鲁冰花). That is why I have done a simple research and find out that Lu Bing is actually a plant that is grown together with tea plants in Taiwan. Lupins make good companion plants for crops that need significant amounts of nitrogen in their soil for eg tea leave as they have the ability to help the crops grow healthier.

About Lupin Anti-wrinkle Range

This line is especially made with the essence from the extract of the winter flower  Lupin and the protein of White Lupin to help prevent anti-aging of the skin

Suitable for : All Skin Type, especially mature skin with aging problems.

Does not contain: Parabens, Perservatives, Artificial ingredients or Coloring

Other than the star ingredients of Lupin, this range of Products also contains the ingredients of 
White truffles
Platinum nonoparticles
gold nanoparticles
Hyaluronic acid
Snow Fungus Extract
Orange Blossoms

If you are a person who is conscious of the ingredients in skincare product, you would have notice that most of the ingredients mentioned above have anti-aging, moisturising and soothing effects to firm up your skin.

Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Cleansing Gel 

Size: 100ml

Price: $23.90

Description of the product:
This cleansing Gel removes makeup and increases skin's hydration levels while washing away impurities and excess oil. The skin is left fresh, hydrated and radiant.

Instruction of usage:
Pour a quarter size amount in the hand. 
Massage over dry face using circular movements and then rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with eyes

I actually love the texture of the Cleansing Gel when I first squeeze it out from the Cleansing Tube—it is much thicker in terms of quality as compare other cleansing Products. More-ever, the Gel does not feel oily at all despite its concentrated composition. It is definitely suitable for people who have concerns over the usage of the Cleansing Gel due to its oily texture as they afraid that it might irritate their oil glands and causes more blemishes.

This Gel actually has dual functions-It can be used as a cleanser as well as a makeup remover for light makeup. It is quite easy to use as it does a good job in removing my make-up (as I do not put on heavy make-up). Do note that this product is not recommended to remove waterproof makeup although I found that it still can remove light waterproof makeup. To remove eye and lip makeup such as mascaras and lipstick, kindly use the eye and lips makeup remover.

The after-effect of using this Cleansing Gel is amazing. I am able to feel the difference in both the texture of my hand before and after the usage of this Cleansing Gel. My hand instantly feels smoother and more hydrated after the usage. I have seldom come across a Cleansing Gel that has anti-aging ingredients. Imagine reducing your lines and wrinkles while using the Makeup Cleansing Gel-this sounds like a good idea and I will like to thank Niu Er Lao Shi for turning this idea into reality. As a result, I can really see a slight reduction of lines on my hand after removing the makeup mixture with this Cleansing Gel.

Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Toning Essence

Size: 100ml

Price: $29.90

Description of the product:
This toning essence instantly replenished the complexion with moisture. After using it, the skin will be smoother and softer.

Instruction of usage:
Pour a quarter size amount into the cotton pad and pat gently all over the face. Avoid contact with the eye area.

While patting this toning essence on my face, I can smell the soothing fragrance of this toner. Immediately, I do feel much relaxed. I do highly recommend it for the Busy Office Lady who has to struggle between work and family as this product does a good job in soothing and comforting the skin while relaxing your mind.

My skin does feel smoother and softer after the usage of this toner as it does a good job in replenishing moisture to my skin.

Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Toning Emulsion

Size: 100ml

Price:  $32.90

Description of the product:
This toning emulsion provides hydration and retains moisture. The formula helps to delay anti-aging process and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Instruction of usage: 
Pour a quarter size amounts into the cotton pad and wipe gently on face in a circular motion all over the face. Avoid contact with the eye area.


This emulsion is not very oily in terms of texture and it is easily absorbed into the skin.

For greater results, I will recommend using this product with Naruko Facial SPA Massage Cotton Pads.

As you can see from the photo over here, this cotton Pad is much bigger in size as compared to the usual Cotton Pad. The most unique feature about this cotton pad is that it can be used as a Facial Mask. Simply pour Emulsion onto the cotton pad and tear it into 4-5 pieces at the side.

Put the Cotton Pad on the “5 points” of the face, 1 on the forehead, 2 on both cheeks, 1 on Nose and 1 on the Chin Area. Leave it on for a few minutes and then remove the Cotton Pad. This method actually provides a quick fix for your face when your face needs some instant solution to brighten it up occasionally.

Here comes a Good News:

NARUKO Singapore official website is going to have a new look. And I was told that there will be a reward point system. Though I do not have the detail info now, I will be one of the first to know the reward point giveaway as soon as NARUKO finalizes the details. For now, all I know is the giveaway is available for members only. If you are not yet a NARUKO member, register as one now and follow my future post about the reward system

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Lastly, please click on the link here for the reviews of the next 3 NARUKO Lupin Anti-wrinkle Firming Products ( Serum, Cream and Night Gelly) 


they calleth me Belle said...

Thanks for this review! Actually for the gel, it says its not intended for make up removal. I would recomend a cleansing oil to remove make ups and then use the cleanser! I just ordered this set!

Shorthairlady said...


This product has dual functions-as a makeup remover and a cleanser. However, it is recommembed for removinglight makeup. For eyes and lips makeup, please use eyes and lips makeup remover.

I always put on light-makeup. Perphaps that is the reason I find that this product works for me as a makeup remover.

Anonymous said...

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