28 January 2012

Review of Belif The true cream-Aqua Bomb

I have joined a contest held by BellaBox.sg recently and have won myself a bottle of Belif The true cream-Aqua Bomb. I have used this product for a couple of days and am quite happy with its moisturising effect. 

Below is my review:

More about BellaBox.sg
BellaBox.sg is an online platform whereby you can pay a monthly subscription to receive your very own Beauty Box. Each box will contain 5 luxury deluxe Beauty Products beauty samples for you to try before buying the Retail Size. Subscription is 15 dollars per month or $165 Annual Membership for 1 Year.

For more information, please refer to BellaBox.sg website for more information: http://bellabox.sg/

More about Belif
Belif is a Korean Herbal skincare brand that has just arrived in Singapore. Their retail shop is at Wisma Atria B1-64. The brand’s tagline is ‘believe in truth’. 

I am quite amazed that this is a brand under the LG Household and Health Care umbrella. I never know that LG has skincare/makeup brand in its portfolio. What I do like about this brand is the fact that the products functions and features will be clearly indicated on the label. 

More about The true cream-Aqua Bomb
The Aqua Bomb True Cream is a refreshing gel cream is formulated with Lady's Mantle, a herb commonly referred to as "a woman's hydrating herb", to provide instant moisture when applied to the skin. This herb helps soften the skin with its natural properties to remove dry, scaly and flaky skin, at the same time controlling excess sebum to combat large pores and oily skin. Sound just perfect to relieve the skin during the hot and humid weather. (adapted from Bella Box Blog http://bellabox.sg/magazine/belif-cosmetics-launches-in-singapore/
Usage: After applying essence and emulsion/lotion, apply it gently over the face.


This product has a strong herbal smell (reminds me a combination of mint and Aloe Vera smell) that seems quite weird to me at first. After sometimes, I have got used to it and simply begin to appreciate its refreshing herbal smell.

The texture of this product is in Gel form.

This is certainly a feature that I desire for my combination skin. My T-zone Area is oily while my 2 cheeks are dry in nature. If  I still use a cream that are too oily for my T-zone, chances are that it might aggregate the oil glands on my skin and cause more blemishes and breakout such as pimples. But this cream is in Gel form and is definitely suitable for oily T-zone area.

I am really satisfied with its moisturising effect. In my personal opinion, it really performs up to its claims of replenishing the water content by 18%. 

To me, 18% is just a number and is a percentage that I cannot measure. All I know is that the oil sebums in T-zone area do not secrete excessive oil after applying the Aqua Bomb True Cream. As a result, my face feels suppler and softer after the application.  Even after a few hours, my face still gets a “Matt” feeling without much excessive oil on my T-zone areas while the 2 areas at my cheek remains supple.

Even though it is quite moisturising, I will strongly recommend you not to skip the step of essence and emulsion. Personally, I feel that this product is not supposed to replace the essence or emulsion but I will like to think of it as an additional step in the skincare routine to replenish the water content. 

Lastly, I will like to thank BellaBox for choosing me as one of the winners for their Belif Contest.

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