29 January 2012

Keratinology Bloggers Event

Thanks to the invitation of The Sample Store, I have been invited to the Keratinology Bloggers’ Event at Novus Restaurant. Novus is actually situated at the National Museum of Singapore. It’s my first time stepping in the Novus and I have never known such a fine restaurant actually existed in the premises of the National Museum of Singapore.

While waiting for the event to start, we are told to download an iphone/Anroid Application called “Keratinogram by Sunsilk” Application. 

This is quite an interesting application that I will highly recommend you to download too. What this unique application does is that

it will create your own Keratinogram-your own individual customized hair profiling. 
Learn which Keratinology products to use and when to use
Watch educational videos explaining what happened to your hair during salon treatment, and demonstration videos.

Wow, doesn’t these functions of Keratinogram sounds like fun and interesting?

 Definitely suitable for everyone out there who cares about their hair.  I do find that this application is suitable for me as I find it so difficult to keep long hair. That is why my blog is called “Short Hair Lady” and her encounters. Now, with the help of such a wonderful Keratinogram application, I might consider keeping long hair in the future.

The speaker of this presentation is the Assistant Product Manager, Shawn Lee.

Before he introduces us to the brand of Keratinology, he mentions about an astonishing fact that I am unaware of-- Around 95% of the men here in Singapore will first notice a woman’s hair length and texture. That is why we should take care of our hair as though we are taking care of our skin. We should be more diligent—If we can apply facial mask to our face twice a week, we should be applying hair mask to our face at least once a week. His words have really inspire me to be more diligent towards my hair care routine as there is no ugly women in the world, just lazy women.

More about the brand of Keratinology
Keratinology is a Hair Care brand by Sunsilk under the Unilever umbrella launched in Sept 2011. 

Many a times, we do discover that a salon look doesn’t last that long because some salon processes like perming or highlighting can damage hair’s inner structure, causing hair to lose its essential protein, Keratin. Even a simple hair cut can also damage the Keratin in our hair. As a result, hair starts feeling rough, dry and brittle.

The main function of Keratinology is to prolong the beauty of the salon-treated hair. It is designed to work in harmony with salon treatment to maintain salon-perfect hair for up to 6 weeks after treatment.

There are 3 series of products under this brand:

Advanced Reconstruction Program: Recover 1 year of accumulated damage in 5 days for total hair metamorphosis

Sun-Kissed Therapy: Next generation nourishment to prolong vibrant color & mirror-like shine

Korean Bounce Therapy: Breathe life back into your curls to maintain gorgeous bounce and sublime softness.

Where to find Keratinology Products: Exclusively at all Watsons store.

Accolades: Cosmopolitan Inaugural Beauty Awards in March issue for “Best Leave-In Hair Conditioner – Drug Store” and “Best Heat-Styling Product – Drug Store”

Unique Pico Technology of Keratinology
It is the first hair care product to use Pico technology. 

It contains nutrients which are 1000 times smaller than nano particles which is enable to penetrate deeper into the hair fibre, providing them with intense nourishment from deep within.

I do understand that most of people are still skeptical about the news that zinc oxide(in Nano-Tech) might cause cancer.  Do be well-assured that Pico technology does not use zinc oxide in their technology and is definitely safe to use.

In summary, the six weeks tailored Hair Care Skin Regime comprises:

Wk 1: Protect
Wk 2: Nourish
Wk 3: Treat
Wk 4: Reconstruct
Wk 5: Care
Wk 6: Preparation

Next up is the detailed product introductions. Do refer to the powerpoint slide for more information.

Among the range, my favourite is definitely the Overnight Reconstruction.

 Basically, this product can be applied overnight to repair the damages on our hair. The concept is almost the same as the Sleeping Mask, just that it is suppose to be used on our hair instead of our face. Wow. It can actually recover up to 1 month of protein loss in just 1 night. This is what I called working smart.

Here is the Product Summary of Keratinology Products.

After the presentation, we are treated to a 4 course lunch. Check out the delicious food that we have.

The event ends with a Group Photo Taking Session of all the Bloggers. By the way, there will be an exciting Contest with fabulous prizes for you to win. Check out the details below.

Here comes a Good News:

Keratinology FB Photo Contest

Date: 2nd Feb 2012-29th Feb 2012:

Exciting prizes like 6D4N Korea Tour, 3d2N Hong Kong Tour, Tiffany & Co Charm worth $500 and Keratinology Products are up for Grabs.

Join Keratinology Singapore FB Page. https://www.facebook.com/keratinology.singapore
Submit a photo of yourself and purchased Keratinology prosucts. 
Get your friends to vote for your picture. Most votes win.

PS: Please retain your receipt for proof of purchase.  With such fantastic prizes up for grab, do remember to participate in this Contest.

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