01 January 2012

Hong Kong Trip

Hong Kong is really a shopping paradise with its re-known tagline of “Buy and Eat(买东西,吃东西)”.

Our first dinner is at a famous stall (da pai dang) called Si Ji Claypot Rice. 

Although it does not have a fancy décor and offers only local hawker food, it always has a long, long queue. The exact address is No. 46-58, Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. We are quite lucky to reach at 5pm and do not have to wait long before the food are served. Their signature dish is Oyster Omelette cooked with Duck eggs. Yummy. The clay pot rice is quite cheap at $28 HK dollars with a variety of different toppings to choose from.

The next meal on our plate is the Hui Lau Shan-Healthy Dessert. I totally fall in love with their dessert with its flavourful taste and fresh ingredients like fresh fruits such as Fresh Mango and Kiwi etc. The dessert is so colourful that it really arouses my appetite for sweet stuff.

The next day, we went to Lantau island to visit the Big (Tian Tan) Buddha at Ngong Ping 360 Village.This statue is currently the world's largest Buddha statue with an dimension of  34 metres tall and weighs 250 tonnes. It costs nothing to climb on top of the Big Buddha.

However, one has to purchase a vegetarian coupon for entry into the 3 levels exhibition hall beneath the Big Buddha. Check out the vegetarian food that we have.

To reach there, simply take the cable car from Tung Chung MTR Station. Do note that the admission time to the Ngong Ping Village is 10:00am - 6:00pm during weekday and 9:00am - 6:30pm during weekend though.  

Now comes shopping time….Near the Tung Chung MTR station is the Citygate Outlets—a shopping centre where you can find a lot of luxurious brands' factory outlets such as ESPRIT, Coach or even Prada. I do find that this is a very good concept as we can get to visit the Big Buddha and Factory Outlets on the very same Day.

My last dinner at Hong Kong is at a Tea Café. I do find that their servings are quite big and yet they are quite cheap at the same time. Do remember to try out the roast goose and roast pigeon as they are not found in Singapore.

I am fascinated by the number of SaSa and Bonjour Outlets in Hong Kong. Most of the skincare products are definitely cheaper in Hong Kong like the SexyLook and My Beauty Diary Facial Masks. More-ever, some of the Beauty Products in Hong Kong like Kao Steam Eye Mask and Lavshuca make-up by Kanebo cannot be found in Singapore though. 

If you are a huge fan of 2B Alternative Products, do remember to buy it at Mannings Outlets in Hong Kong. The prices are so much cheaper almost by 30% off. That is why I have brought a total of 4 boxes 2B for the Face for my personal usage.

By the way, my friend's whose luggage is being delayed finally received hers on the 4th day of our journey because it has flew all the way to Sidney, Australia. She has already received compensation from SIA but she has forgotten to buy travel insurance. Last word of advise: Do remember to buy travel insurance as you would not be sure when you will need it. 

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