04 December 2011

(Sponsored) Reviews of Clear Shampoos with Nutrium 10

Do you have hair problems like Dandruff or Hair Fall Problems? If the answer is yes, do check out the reviews of CLEAR Shampoo below.

More about CLEAR

Clear is Unilever’s leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand. Since its first launch in 1972 in Asia, the Clear formulation has continuously evolved with intensive research and clinical trials conducted by scientists at the Clear Paris Institute. Recognising the different needs of male and female scalps, Clear scientists have developed the first‐ ever breakthrough dual gender scalp nourishment formula. With a constant focus on leading edge technology, Clear is pegged as the world’s leading scalp care shampoo and marks its strong foothold in 35 markets with plans to grow to a 1 billion brand soon.

What is Nutrium 10?

Unlike other anti‐dandruff shampoos that are wash-away solutions, the new Clear with Nutrium 10 treats the root cause. It approaches scalp defence in three revolutionary steps:

  • Builds the scalp’s natural defense to fight against dandruff-causing factors.
  • Penetrates three layers deep* into the scalp to repair the scalp’s natural barrier
  •  Eliminates and clears dandruff  from the scalp surface 

Gender differences in Scalp Needs
CLEAR has customised their Nutrium10 formula to cater to the specific needs of men and women as there is a clear gender differences in scalp types.

Pro-Nutrium10 for men helps to remove dead skin cells on the scalp’s surface; restores scalp nourishment; and boosts scalp’s natural defence against dandruff and itch. It has: 
  • 2 times faster acting results against dandruff with 50% more anti-dandruff actives vs. previous CLEAR
  • 3 times scalp strengtheners vs. CLEAR women
  •  Significantly more protection from dandruff than the global leading anti-dandruff shampoo.

On the other hand, Nutrium10 for women offers a vitamins-and minerals-infused moisturised wash to boost stronger hair growth. This enrichment of the scalp gives women the total three scalp effects she desires – no dandruff, no dryness, and no itch. CLEAR gives women: 
  • more pro-vitamins and amino acids than the global leading anti‐dandruff shampoo
  • 3 times smoother hair compared to non-­‐conditioned hair
  • 5 times less hair breakage and spilt ends compared to non-conditioned hair 
Available: at leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

Clear for Women:

Clear Women Ice Cool Menthol 

Size: 350ml and 700ml

Price:  $9.40 for 350ml, $14.30 for 700ml

Product Description: With cooling menthol. Refreshes and revives scalp and hair with an invigorating burst of menthol freshness.

Suitable for: All scalp and hair types

As I do not have serious dandruff problems, I cannot comment much on the effectiveness to treat or prevent dandruff problems. But I do find that my scalp is more refreshed (perhaps with the menthol formula) after a daily wash. There is a slight improvement on my oily scalp after a long day of work as my scalp no longer feels itchy at the end of the day after using this Shampoo.

Clear Women Anti Hair-Fall 

Size: 350ml and 700ml

Price: $9.40 for 350ml, $14.30 for 700ml

Product Description: With Hair Lock Technology. Strengthens from the root to tip and increases hair’s defense against hairfall and breakage.

Suitable for: Weakened scalp and hair.

If you have known me personally, you will have known that I have very fragile and thin hair. After using this product, I do find that my hair loss problem is not as serious as before—I no longer drops so much hair. Plus, it becomes easier to comb my hair as my hairs are no longer tangled together.

Clear for Men:

Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol

Size: 350ml and 700ml

Price: $10.30 for 350ml, $15.70 for 700ml

Product Description: With active menthol. Ultimate Anti-dandruff refreshment.

Suitable for: For all scalp and hair types.


I have asked a male friend of mine to try out this product and he simply loves it. He has mentioned to me that it is a rare occasion that you can find a Shampoo Brands that has 2 series of Products that cater to both genders. After using this product, he can really feel that his dandruff problems have improved slightly. He would definitely continue to use this product.

Clear Men Anti Hair-Fall 

Size: 350ml and 700ml

Price: $10.30 for 350ml, $15.70 for 700ml

Product Description: With Pro-strength Ginseng Technology. Strengthen your hair and defend against hair loss.

Suitable for: For weakened hair fiber

As mentioned by my guy friends, this product is milder than the Dandruff problems. It is a great product to be used if you want to prevent the hair loss and dandruff problems. If you have existing Dandruff problem, you will have to use Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol Product.

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