11 December 2011

A Song to Remember Event at Zouk

Have you been watching the Channel 8 blockbuster-“A Song to Remember” lately? I have and simply love the cabaret settings of this show in the era of 1930s Shanghai. That is why I immediately rvsp after receiving the invitation of the “Song to Remember” Close Door Media Event.

The Venue of this event is at Zouk. 

Upon registration, we have to fill in our particulars for a lucky draw and are given a packet of 10 tokens. 

Can you guess why each of us is being given a packet of tokens? Well, here comes the fun part….We can try our luck at the 2 gambling table (roulette and big/small respectively) to multiply our tokens and use them to auction for the Takashimaya vouchers. 

Free flow of drinks (including alcoholic drink) and a whole spread of buffet food are being served to all the guest of this event.

In the middle of the stage, one can find on displayed the costumes that are being worn by the artiste inside the show. Check out the cheongsam and the men clothes below.

Among all the stars inside this show, my favorite character is definitely Jiu Mei played by Julie Tan because I love her sweet and innocent nature inside the show.Who is your favorite character? Is it  the  dashing Mo Li Guang played by Qi Yu Wu, the Villain Xu Kun played by Chen Han Wei or the beautiful  Yu Hong played by Joanne Pei? Do share with me your favorite character by commenting at this post.

The event finally starts with the singing performance by Shi Xin Hui (Sing Chew).

 For your information, she also plays a minor role in this drama, Xiao Man. If I am not mistaken, some of the songs inside the show are being sung by her. She has sung a total of 5 songs at this event, including 天涯歌女

The hosts for this event are 93.3 DJs JiaHui and Ivy. 

Wow, they really dressed up for this event. I almost cannot recognize Ivy as she looks so different with the long hair and the Chinese suit. 

The next segment is the interview session with the actors/actress starring in this drama show.

I am quite excited to meet Julie Tan in real person as she is currently one of my favorite actresses at the moment--She looks so sweet and demure. 

However, I am a bit disappointed though as most of the main actors/actress like Joanne Pei, Qi Yu Wu and Chen Han Wei do not turn up for this event. Nevertheless, check out the photo of the other artiste.

Next up is the exciting auction segment. I really must take my hat off to the MC of this auction, Terence. 

He is so witty and able to make this auction segment so thrilling and exciting to watch. I did not participate in this auction as I have lost all my tokens at the gambling table earlier on.  There are 3 prizes up for grab, 2 $100 and a $300 Takashimaya Voucher. The grand prize of $300 Takashimaya Voucher is being auctioned for a total of 450 tokens though. 

Finally, the event ends with a lucky draw where 2 lucky winners walk away with 12 GV movie tickets and the grand prize winner gets a $400 Hada Labo Hamper.Congrats to all the winners. 

Lastly, do remember to catch “A song to Remember” on Channel 8 at 9pm every Mon-Fri. I will also like to take this chance to thank Channel 8 and The Research Pacific Group for the exclusive invitation.