11 December 2011

(Sponsored) Review of Sasatinnie 360˚ Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

I am excited to receive a total of 3 products for reviews from SaSa which I will be blogging these 2 weeks. The first product that I am going to review is Sasatinnie 360˚ Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara.

I am definitely a great fan of rotating mascara because I do think that it really helps to curl up my stubborn eyes lashes effortlessly. More-ever, this new item of Sasatinnie can also be used to curl up the lower eyes lashes. Wow…Another new innovative beauty tool to help you to achieve luscious looking eye-lashes in double quick time.

More about Sasatinnie 360˚ Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

Size: 8.5g

Price: $35.90

Where to buy this product:  Available exclusively at SaSa.

Product Description :

This is a new mascara product from Sasatinnie which used the all-new 360˚ double rotating brush head design which cleverly works on the lashes with the different rotating system. Whether working clockwise or anti-clockwise – it will manage to coat every eye lashes to lengthen and volumize.

Features of the Sasatinnie Mascara include
The rotating movement allows the mascara to evenly coat the lashes, separating them evenly – creating longer looking eye lashes 
The rotating speed is able to coat each lashes, including those hard to reach lashes and short lashes – perfectly created to suit Asian lashes. 
Each application coats each lashes evenly – curling the lashes and making it look voluminous
The single start/stop button makes it easy to use, plus the rotating brush head allows you to do away with manually curling the lashes, leaving naturally curled lashes. 
Its waterproof and smudge-proof formula allows lashes to stay on the whole day 

Directions for use: 
1. Before using, remove plastic strip 

2. Click on start/stop button and choose direction of the rotating brush head. Each click changes the direction of the rotation

3.     Choose the clockwise rotation direction, hold brush head at upper lash and move upwards from lash line. Repeat application for better effect
4.     Stop the rotating movement
5. Position the brush head at the lower lash, and start the rotating movement again. (Make sure it’s in an anti-clockwise rotation) Move downwards from lower lash line and repeat application for better effect. 


Clockwise Movement (rotating brush head turning away from you) : For better use on upper lashes 
Anti-clockwise movement (rotating brush head turning towards you): For better use on lower lashes


As a thumb of rule:  If the mascara is turning at the clockwise direction (toward you), you should use it at the upper lashes. Otherwise, if the mascara is turning at the anti-clockwise direction (away from you), do use it at your lower lashes.

I do find that this product is easy to use as you can really see it turning at the 360 degree oscillation. Unlike other rotating mascara which is vibrating so fast, this feature makes it easier to use this to curl up my “stubborn lashes” without any smudging.

The end effect is that I can really see the effectiveness of this mascara—my lashes are being lengthened curled up from sideway view. I am quite happy about it as my eye lashes are those type that simply droop down unless I use a heated curler.

I have tried to use this mascara on my lower eye lashes too. I do admit that I might need more practises as I not used to applying mascaras on my lower lashes. Lastly, A word of advice: Do remember to curl your lashes with a curler before using this mascara, so that it will be easier to apply it.

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