18 December 2011

McDonald’s Monopoly ‘Chance Card’ Lucky Draw Event

Remember my post on the McDonald’s monopoly Game 2011 McDonald's Monopoly Game some months ago.The tagline is “All prizes must go”.

As a recap, a new dimension to the game was added this year with the inclusion of a new game label - the “Chance Card”. Receiving a “Chance Card” label gives the holder an instant prize of $100 in cash plus an entry into this evening’s Grand “Chance Card” draw to stand a chance to win any of the unclaimed “Collect to Win” big prizes

Are you one of the 270 Chance Card winners of McDonald’s Monopoly Game? If you are, I am sure that you have already claimed your basic prize of $100 in the evening time of this faithful day of 15th Dec 2011 at Clark Quay.

 Since there are 280 unclaimed prizes, that would means that every Chance winner will not go empty handed and win one of the following prizes in addition to the $100.:
  • 1 X Volkswagen Touran 1.4 TSI 
  • 1 X Holiday for 4 persons to Atlanta (USA) + $3,000 cash 
  • 8 X MacBook Air 
  • 9 X Prize Bundle (each with 4x Flow Cards, 4x $50 denizen vouchers, 1x WE movie card) 
  • 27 X Flowriding for 2 at Wave House Sentosa 
  • 88 X $200 dENiZENTM Voucher
  • 142 X $100 WE Cinemas Movie Card 

Wow…congrats to all the Chance Card Winners. How I wish that I am one of the winners. I am going to try my luck for the McDonald’s Monopoly next year.

The host of this Event is Daniel Ong.

Host of the event: radio Deejay Daniel Ong, got the crowd >> Photo from McDonald’s

Thanks to the invitation by Omy and McDonald's, I attended this event as a blogger. This event is quite crowded with crowds of people waiting anxiously  for the Lucky draw to begin.

The first prize presentation is the $80,000 cash to the grand prize winner, 32-year-old Mr. Sankararama Subramanian, a control engineer who works at the Singapore Changi Airport. 

Winner of the $80,000 Grand Prize, Mr Sankararama Subramanian >>Photo from McDonald’s

When the MC asked him what he is going to do with the sum of money, his reply really caught all of us by surprise—He is going to donate all of the money to the poor Children in India. I admire his charitable spirit and wonder whether I will do the same options if the god of fortune comes knocking at my door. Hm…..may be part of it

Next up is the lucky draw segment for the Chance Card winner. Everyone is waiting patiently for the result. All the lucky draw entries are being locked inside the tumbler where the host/the prize presenter will draw the lucky winners from this big rectangle container.

As mentioned by Daniel Ong, the rule of this game is that you will not want your number to be called out so early, so that you will have a higher chance of winning the grand prize of the car. By the way, there is a "small incident" at this event whereby one of the Chance Cards Winner of has mistaken and thought that her no of 0034 has won the car instead of the no of 0035 that is announced on the stage. Luckily, after the verifications of the particulars of the winner by the staff of McDonald's, the real winner Ms Tan Wen Xin appears on the stage to claim her prize...

Check out the photos of the winners for some of the "big" prizes below:

Winner of holiday for 4 to Atlanta: Mdm Ng Siew Lian, with her son >>Photo from McDonald’s

Winner of holiday for 2 to Prague:Mr Koh Yu Gee >Photo from McDonald’s

Winner of Volkswagen Touran 1.4 TSI: Ms Tan Wen Xin >>Photo from McDonald’s

The event finally ends with a group photos of all the bloggers and Mr Monopoly. Lastly, I will like to thank Omy and McDonald's for the invitation to this prize presentation as a blogger. 

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