18 December 2011

Kit Kat Christmas CrazyPrezzies Application

Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to send Christmas card to your love ones and your friends. In such an advance state of technology, it might be easier to send E-cards to your loves one, not forgetting the fact that this method is definitely more environmental friendly.

Let me introduce you a fun Christmas application at Kit Kat Facebook-hilarious E Christmas card and a chance at winning Kit Kat chocolate. Sounds interesting? Here is what you should do to access the Christmas CrazyPrezzies” Application

  • First and most important things, remember to like Kit Kat Facebook Page: Kit Kat FB Link
  • Click on the Christmas CrazyPrezzies Application
  • Wait for the application to launch.…..Check out the 6 easy steps to share your gift(s)

And depending on your luck, different type of screens (with 13 types of gifts) will appear. It works just like a Jackpot and guess what is the grand prize? Free Kit Kat chocolate bars for you and your recipients. Do note that each fan can only draw this prize once throughout the campaign. 

What are you waiting for? Simply logged in to your Facebook Account, like Kit Kat Facebook and access the Christmas CrazyPrezzies Application now.

By the way, I have tried the application and found some of the Gifts at Christmas CrazyPrezzies Application to be quite funny. There are options of the Naughty E-cards, Accessories, Wishing Sock, Magic Trick and Air Guitar .

Check out the different types of E-cards that could appear on your application.

Personally, I do feel that this is a wonderful Christmas E-card to be sent to your loved ones and friends. It will definitely bring make them laugh as some of the cards are so funny. 

My favourite is definitely the Wishing Sock—here is a chance to tell your loved one what you desire. Many a times, we have received lots of Christmas presents that are not relevant to us. So the Kit Kat application will give you a chance for you to tell your loved ones what you want…

If you are a huge Kit Kat Fan, do like Kit Kit Facebook page too as there will always be promotions and contests every now and then. For eg, From now till 31 Dec, purchase $12 worth of Nestle chocs and redeem a free KIT KAT Mini Log Cake (worth $4.50) at POLAR outlets. Or better yet, purchase $25 worth of Nestle chocs and redeem a free KIT KAT PETITE CAKE. 

 Wow….Nestle is so generous about their free gift. If you have run out of Christmas gifts ideas for your colleagues, why not consider Kit Kat chocolates? This is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone, making your friends happy (since chocolates contains phenylephylamine - the same hormone the brain triggers when you fall in love) and getting a free gift for yourself at the same time. Did I mention that normal Kit Kat Wafer Fingers in Milk Chocolates only contains 90 Calories (5% of the 2000 calories per day for women and 4% of the 2500 calories for men)? 

Or better yet, simply be a fan of the Month contest by posting a picture of you with a Kit Kat on their wall? Winner will get a free Kit Kat goodie bag and a feature on Kit Kat profile pic for 1 whole month! Do note that the Person with the most Likes will win. Quick garner all your friends to vote for you and you might be the lucky fan who get your photo posted on Kit Kat FB Page.

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