03 December 2011

Another session of Domino's Pizza Food Tasting Event

Thanks to the invitation by Omy, I have attended another session of Domino Plazza’s Food Tasting Event.

The venue of this event is at Domino’s 12th outlet at Tampines St 44.Hooray….Domino's Pizza is finally able to accept online orders and deliver at Tampines area with the set up of this 12th outlet. Their 13th outlet will be at West Coast though...Good news for residents living at the West Area. 

If you are curious about the location of this Tampines outlet, here is a clue…it is quite near Tampines Junior College at Blk 462 Tampines St 44. . Do also check out my previous post on Domino's Pizza Event at Elias Mall.

As I have introduced Domino’s background in the previous post above, I am going to concentrate on their latest Cheese pizza sauce—Cheese Overload in this post. 

At this session, the marketing staff also shows us real time how to order from the Domino's Pizza Ordering Website

A rather unique Customer Focus feature that Domino has offered is the ability to track your order via GPS System. I do find this service to be quite useful as customers are able to find out immediately online the current stages of your order eg whether it is being prepared or baked at the kitchen at this moment. Not forgetting the fact that they do have a half an hour policy delivery time—If the pizza does not get deliver within half an hour, you will be given a free Pizza Coupon to be used for your next order. Wow…This is what I call providing good Customer Service.

Here comes the good new for all Cheese Lovers….
More about Cheese Overload

Make with rich, aromatic cheddar cheese, the new Cheese Overload will leave you with a delicious smooth and flavourful cheese sensation from your first bite. This sauce is exactly what you need to give your favourite pizza a cheesy twist.

Domino’s scrumptious new Cheese Overload Meal is now available for $39.80 (Savings of $19.40) which comes complete with
  • 1 Regular Pizza with Cheese Sauce
  • 1 Regular Pizza of your choice
  • 1 Chocolate Lava Cake
  • 1 BreadStix or 1 Twisty Bread(6pcs) or 1 CinnaStix

Cheesify your favourite pizza with a Cheese Sauce upgrade, available as ala carte order with an upgrade surcharge of $2.00 for regular pizzas, $3.00 for large pizzas and $4.00 for x-tra large pizzas.

For mozzarella cheese lovers, there’s something for you too! Enjoy the added richness and extra topping of New Zealand mozzarella cheese at 50% off from the normal surcharge price. Now at $1.00 for regular pizzas, $1.50 for large pizzas and $2.00 for extra large pizzas.

I have personally tasted the pizza with Cheese Sauce and I simply love the taste …Yummy. If you are a huge Cheesy Fan just like me, do remember to try Cheese Overload Pizza. The taste is simply too divine to resist.  Check out the other food that we have at Domino’s Food Tasting session at Tampines outlet. 

 Lastly, I will like to thank Omy for accepting my R.V.S.P. at the very last minute as I do have an enjoyable time at this event.

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