20 November 2011

(Sponsored) Reviews of Neogence Hyaluronic Acid DNA Repairing Series Products

Remember my previous post on the Neogence Launch Event organized by Sasa sometimes ago? Well, here are my reviews on Neogence Hyaluronic Acid DNA Repairing Series Product.

Thanks to the invitation by Sa Sa, I am glad to review this new range of Neogence Products. Before this invitation, I have recommended Neogence products to my friend during an overseas trip to Hong Kong. She loves the texture of these products immediately and makes a trip to Sa Sa outlet at Hong Kong the next day to purchase these products.  Personally, I also love this series of Neogence Products because of its moisturizing texture. 

More about the brand of Neogence

This is a Taiwanese skincare brand which is being R&D by a team of professional medical experts like skin dermatologist and Bio medical personnel. That is why you can be assured that the ingredients in the Products are scientifically proved with high-tech biomedical conduction technology. Neogence Research Team also insist on “proposing effective countermeasure targeted at skin problems, beautify skin with simple steps.” while creating skincare products suitable for Asia climate and skin.

More about NEOGENCE Hyaluronic Acid DNA Repairing Series

Popular Taiwanese brand Neogence launches its first anti-aging series “Hyaluronic Acid DNA Repairing Series” that deeply hydrates the skin while combating against skin aging.

While studying clinical cases, Neogence’s R&D team discovered that as skin lacks moisture, it becomes dry, rough and desquamating, Furthermore, once skin has long-term shortage of moisture, it will easily evoked initial stage of aging by environmental pollution, and advance the appearance of aging, including fine lines, dullness, enlarged pores and decreasing elasticity. 

The “HYALURONIC ACID DNA REPAIRING SERIES”, aims at skin dryness, environmental factor, life habits, and various causes that could trigger skin aging

Ingredients in HYALURONIC ACID DNA REPAIRING SERIES Products include
  •  Hyaluronic Acid
  • Skin repair factors α-Lupaline® 
  • Anti-Pollution System (A.P.S.)
  • Wrinkle smoothing peptide MATRIXYLTM3000
  • Eye contour brightening factor BIOPHYTEX®

reaching the effectiveness of “Hydration X Elasticity increasing X Anti-Aging” at the same time, activating and moisturizing the skin from within to fight against aging. 

Where to buy: Available exclusively at all SaSa Cosmetic Stores.

Hyaluronic Acid DNA Moisturizing Lotion 

How to apply: After cleansing the face, pat a proper amount onto face 

  • Plump and moist serum texture, creating a ultra aqua-rich skin.
  •  Deep skin hydration.

Description of Hyaluronic Acid DNA Moisturizing Lotion 
The addition of unique anti-wrinkle sphere H.F.S in Hyaluronic Acid DNA Moisturizing Lotion deeply penetrates on skin to replenish plenteous water, complementing with premium-grade pure Hyaluronic Acid and natural Trehalose TORNARE® forming a highly effective water supply net to maintain skin’s capability of hydration, moisturizing skin effectively


This is my favorite item amongst the NEOGENCE Hyaluronic Acid DNA Repairing Series. I have used other lotions before and this is the only lotion that could make my face soft and supple. Do note that I am not exaggerating here as I can really feel the difference merely after 1 application.

I also love this moisturizing effect of this product because it can provide the essential ingredients that my skin needs to prevent breakouts of blemishes like acne. Water and oil are 2 different liquid of different intensity—If I have adequate hydration in my skin, chances are that my oil glands will not produce excessive oil that could irritate and inflamed my skin.

Hyaluronic Acid DNA Hydrating Serum

How to apply: After cleansing, apply a proper amount into perfectly toning face and gently smooth over face and neck

  • The secret to Youthful Skin
  • Deep Hydration x Skin Repair & Protection… Non-stop, Day & Night
  • Five minutes of ‘Muscle Massage’ Everyday to awaken your skin!

Description of Hyaluronic Acid DNA Hydrating Serum 
Formulated specially for women with hectic lifestyles,  the premium-grade pure Hyaluronic Acid and Hyalo-Oligo™ short-chain Hyaluronic Acid, complemented with natural marine algae extract Toranre™, MELHYDRAN® extracted from honey and WSK™(Tremella Hyaluronic Acid), the Serum forms a complex moisture-rich film on the skin surface. Provides stable hydration amidst the unpredictable environmental changes, especially in terms of humidity, allowing the skin to absorb moisture thoroughly.


I love the texture of this serum as it is easily absorbed into the skin without much effort. The end result is that my skin is smooth and supple after the application of this serum.

Hyaluronic Acid DNA Hydrating Cream 

  • Increases elasticity, Postpone aging, firms and moisten Pre-Mature skin
  • Upgrades elasticity, Ultra moisturizing, Resists wrinkle appear!

Description of Hyaluronic Acid DNA Anti-Wrinkle Cream
This product was designed for pre-mature aging skin and dry skin. Hyper moisturizing, it increases elasticity and delays the first stage of ageing and wrinkles appearance comprehensively. The addition of H.F.S. (Hyaluronic Filling Spheres) deeply penetrate and moisturize fine lines, smoothing fine lines effectively, complemented with MATRIXYLTM 3000 and is able to intensively smooth and improve wrinkles.


At first, I thought that this product will be quite oily because it has the following words “Anti-Wrinkle Cream” for the Name of this Product.  After trying out this cream, I discover that I am being misled by my own conceptions of all anti-wrinkle creams. 

Not only is the texture of this product not oily and rich, it is also rather quite light in texture. Definitely suitable for a combination skin like me who has concerns over pre-mature skin. Now, I need not have to worry about the breakout of blemishes while delaying the effects of aging and fine lines.

Hyaluronic Acid DNA Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

How to apply: Apply a proper amount into the eye contour are. Massage gently with fingertips until all absorbed.

  • Repairing & Moisturizing, Intensive Wrinkles Smoothing, Appearing of Attractive Eyes
  • Deep Moisturizing and Intensively Remove Fine Lines

As I have mentioned before in the post for the Neogence Launch Event, this is rather a unique eye products because it can treat 3 types of eyes circles problems:
  • Eyes Circles due to Fatigue or irregular lifestyle
  • Leaking capillaries when the tiny blood vessels around the eye areas broke
  •  Discoloration of the Circles around the eye area. 

Unlike other eye cream in the retail market, it is rather light and not too oily in texture. In fact, after the application, I can really notice a thin film of ‘water” around the eyes area.

Now I need not worry about the development of millea seeds around my eyes area. The most obvious observation that I have discover is that my eyes areas looks more refreshed. As for the dark circles, I might have to use the product for a longer time to really see the lightening effect though.

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Lastly, do try out these fantastic products of NEOGENCE Hyaluronic Acid DNA Repairing Series and you will be amazed with the fantastic moisturizing effects just like me.


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