07 November 2011

Mandom-LUCIDO-L, Bifesta and Kiss Me Heroine Bloggers' Event

Thanks to the invitation by Mikki of SGfreebee, I have been invited to the Mandom office at Great World City for a bloggers’ Event.

Before I go on to the Event, here is a brief introduction about SGfreebee.

About SGfreebee

At SGfreebee, they offer the best of the everyday products' samples for you to try. Earn BeePoints to redeem more samples by telling others about it with your reviews. What are you waiting for? Do remember to visit http://www.sgfreebee.com/  to become a member now and you are on your way to enjoy the free samples.

Back to the Event.

The event is being divided into 3 categories: Hair Care Treatment, Cleansing and Make-up where we are being introduced to the brands of LUCIDO-L, Bifesta and Kiss Me Heroine under the Mandom Umbrella. Mandom might sound unfamiliar to you but I am sure that you have heard of its well-known flag-ship Hair Style Brand called Gatsby that is targeted at Guys. 

Hair Care Treatment By LUCIDO-L

Supplements have the means to fix your original functions of your skin and health from within. If the same concept of supplements can be applied to hair care, it can really solve all our hair woes such as flimsy, brittle or dry hair. That is why LUCIDO-L has developed a new range of Hair Make Supplement Oil # Product that can essentially improve hair from within.

There are 2 products under this range: One is suitable for Straight Hair while the other one is suitable for Perm Hair.

What is unique about this product is that it contains CMC (Cell membrane complex) like ingredient that can support inside of the hair to maintain water. Check out the powerpoint below for detailed explanation of CMC.

I do welcome this notion of treating our hair from within by retaining moisture with the help of CNC like ingredients. Most of the hair problems that we have encountered eg dry and brittle hair arise because of inability of our hair to retain moisture. Moisture plays an important part for our hair in keeping our hair healthy and beautiful just like hydration plays an important part in keeping our face texture soft and supple.

Please visit  http://www.lucido-l.sg/ for more information and styling tips. Please remember to sign up as a member to be the first to know about new product launches & giveaways.

Cleansing-Removing Makeup by Bifesta

The next segment of this event is the topic on Cleansing-Removing makeup by Bifesta.

If you have been following Japanese skincare or makeup trends, you would have known that they emphasize a lot on removing makeup. In fact, removing makeup is their very first step of skincare rather than the normal routine of just cleansing your face with a foaming cleanser.

Cleansing Express has rebranded their name to Bifesta which literally means in translation Beauty Festival. 

They have an alarming number of over 4.5 million Bottles Sold since 2006 launch.

Check out the number of awards they have won in Singapore.

Bifesta products use a powerful water-base Technology which contains moisturising properties from beauty lotion and yet able to remove your makeup effectively.

In comparison, water contains properties that are better than oil because it is more powerful, convenient and moisturising. The main component of this range of Absorbent Hyaluronic Series Products is Plus-ion Hyaluronic Acid structure which makes to retain moisture on skin even after washing off. 

This the Product Line Up for Bifesta.

What is most unique about this Bifesta Makeup Remover series is that it is the only makeover series that carters to different skin Types for eg Dry, Oily, Dull and Age care etc. Wow…such a comprehensive Range of Make-up that is specifically caters for your skin type. This is such good news for us ladies out there as we have finally found a brand that really understands our needs of makeup remover. Ain’t removing makeup our very first step of skincare routine? Shouldn’t we be using make-up remover that is suitable for our skin? More-ever the range also contains both non-rinse and rinse off types. 

Check up the detailed information of Bifesta makeup remover range.  

Bifesta Products are available at all Major Watsons,Guardian,Sasa, Mediya and Nishino Pharmacies.

Simply like Bifesta on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Bifesta.SG and indicate the keyword ShortHairLady to receive a free sample of Cleansing Lotion Sebum(30ml)

By the way,  SG FreeBee will be doing various roadshow in CDB areas next week. Do look up for them as you can get to try the Bifesta makeup remover range.

Make Up Segment by Kiss Me Heroine

Origins of Kiss Me Heroine Series
This make-up series is designed for women who aim to become such a Heroine who remains beautiful at all times even if she weeps.

Do refer to the pictures below for detailed product information.

By the way, at this blogging event, Mandom has invited the Japanese makeup artists, Ms Sayuri Igarashi and Ms Sayaka Kondo for a makeup demo.

I have tried Heroine Mascara and love how it will curl up my “stubborn straight” eyelashes. Definitely a product that I will foresee to use it at long run.

Times passes very fast when I enjoying myself at the informative Mandom Event. Lastly, I will like to thank SGfreebee and Mandom for the invitation.

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