23 October 2011

Vichy Normaderm Bloggers' Event

I am delighted to be invited to the Vichy bloggers’ event once again.

Before the presentation, we are given a chance to do a quick skin analysis with the Vichy Consult Machine and the Dermo Analyzer Machine. The Vichy Consult Machine can do an analysis for 3 types of skin tests while the Dermo Analyzer Machine provides an in-depth analysis of up to 6 types. 

Well, the skin analysis test does motivate me to be more diligent towards my hydration skin care routine as the result shows a low 49% of hydration level. By the way, you can also try out these analysis tests at selected Vichy counter like Guardian Pharmacy @ Tanglin Mall and Watson @ Ngee Ann City 

We proceed to the Hediard café thereafter.

The presenter of this event is Wyman Loi, the assistant Product Manager of Vichy. Check out the powerpoint slides below.

More about the brand of Normaderm

It is a range of products under the brand of Vichy which is the 1st to provide ultra purifying efficacy for sensitive skin at an affordable price. 

Info on TRI-ACTIV Anti-imperfection Hydrating care

Inspired by dermatological peeling, Vichy created this daily complete care for Asian skin. 

What is so unique about this product is that for the 1st time, 3 dermatological peeling active ingredients were integrated in a daily hydrating care to target all the different layers of the epidermis. The unique association has a synergistic and stronger action on cellular renewal. It also has silica to control shine long-lastingly and glycerin for 24-hour hydration where your skin needs.

Product Description:  
  • With patented Hydra-Peeling technology that targets and reduces acne,blackheads and redness.
  • Provides instant and long lasting shine control and evens out skin texture.
  • 24-hour hydrating gel-cream texture that is fast penetrating and easily absorbed by the skin.

Application: Apply daily morning and/or evening within your anti-imperfection routine.

The next set of Power Point slide is on the range of Products under the NORMADERM Cleaners + Toner Range.  Cleansing really plays a key and important part in the skincare routine especially if you have imperfection prone skin. If the cleanser is too harsh, it will lead to further inflammation of imperfections such as acne or pimple.  

Therefore, Vichy has developed this Normaderm Cleansing range which is: 
1) 100% Effectiveness
  • Association of unique peeling active ingredients.
  • Clinically tested effectiveness under dermatological control.

2) 100% Sensitive skin
  • Paraben free, soap free.
  • Suitable for sensitive, hypoallergenic skin.
  • Formulas enriched with a soothing agent and Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

3) 100% Pleasure
  • Fresh, comfortable and easy to rinse formula

Info on Normaderm Tri-Activ Cleanser

Size:  125ml

Price:  $33

Product Description: The first 3-in-1 cleanser ( cleanser+scrub+mask) for sensitive skin.
  • Cleanser: Thoroughly yet gently eliminates sebum/impurities without drying skin. 
  • Unclog pores deeply to visibly reduce blackheads/whiteheads and evens out skin

  • As a cleanser/ scrub: Apply morning and evening liberally over damp face, in circular movements, concentrating on the forehead, nose and jaw areas. Avoid the delicate skin around the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • As a mask: Apply a thin layer on the face, avoiding the eye area and mouth. Leave it on for 5 mins until it dries. Rinse off thoroughly with water. 

The most innovative product under this range would be Normaderm Tri-Activ Cleanser. Why do I say that? I have not seen a product in the skincare market that really provides a 3 in 1 multi-purpose function of a cleanser, a scrub and a Mask!

 Before this event, I really have my doubts and posed this question to Wyman during the Q and A because cleanser is a daily skincare routine whereas Scrubbing of face is a weekly affair. I do get a satisfactory answer from him that the Normaderm Tri-Activ Cleanser is quite mild in nature which is quite different from the normal scrub that we seen at the retail skincare market. This is re-confirmed when I test out the texture of this cleanser—The breads are quite small and tiny in nature which is suitable for daily use.. 

Other than this star product, there are another 3 more improved version of cleansing products under this range.

Info on Normaderm Deep- Cleansing and Purifying Gel

Size: 200ml

Price: $29

Product Description: Double purifying and anti-irritant action. Cleanse and purifies pores while removing impurities. Skin feels refreshed and shine is effectively controlled.  New paraben- and soap-free formula; more hydrating and rinse off easier.  Enriched with a soothing agent to help reduce discomforts.

Application: Apply morning and evening liberally over damp face, concentrating on the forehead, nose and jaw areas. Avoid the delicate skin around the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water. A

Normaderm Deep-Cleansing  and Exfoliating Gel

Size: 125ml

Price: $33

Product Description: Contain micro-particles to unblock the pores. Smoothen out the skin irregularities and refine the skin texture. Day after day, skin is cleaner, clearer and purer. New paraben-free formula.

Application: Apply morning and evening liberally over damp face, concentrating on the forehead, nose and jaw areas. Avoid the delicate skin around the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Normaderm Astringent Deep-Cleansing Lotion

Size: 200ml

Price: $32

Product Description: Prevent recurring blemishes, clogged pores and shine. Suitable for oily skin. Less alcohol ( 20% vs 25% in previous formula ). Visibly tightens pores in 1 week.

Application: Apply morning and evening after cleansing, using a cotton wool pad. 

Depending on the intensity of imperfections, it is thus possible to adapt the cleansing routine:

This cleansing routine is then complemented with the astringent lotion designed for use before each cream to help tighten the pores. Once a week, it is possible to use the Tri-Activ cleanser as a mask, applying it in a fine layer and leaving it on for 5 minutes and then rinsing off with water.

Finally, its dinner time and we are being treated to a delicious dinner of French cuisine. 

I do have an enjoyable time at Vichy event once again. Lastly, I will like to express my thanks to Pearlin and Vichy for the exclusive invitation. I will probably be doing a product review on Normaderm Tri-Activ Cleanser and TRI-ACTIV Anti-imperfection Hydrating care. Stay Tuned for the Post.

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