15 October 2011

(Sponsored) Review of SHILLS Black Charcoal Pore Clarifying Bundle

This is a super belated post.

After volunteering for the Clarifying segment during the Shills Event a few months ago, I have received a set of SHILLS Black Charcoal Pore Clarifying Bundle as a token of appreciation. I am glad to say that I am still using these 3 products on a regular basis weekly—Hey,my pores are getting smaller and I no longer have a “strawberry nose” full of white and black heads.

By the way, do check out the photos of the demo segment that I participated in posted on Beauty Bistro Website.

Before I get to the reviews, here is the product info about the SHILLS Black Charcoal Pore Clarifying Bundle

Basically, this bundle consists of 3 products:
  •  SHILLS Black Gel Deep Sebum Softener
  •  SHILLS Purifying Peel Off mask
  • SHILLS Pore Minimizer Clarifying Toner 

Note: Do use these 3 products together to achieve a faster and better results of removing the whiteheads/blackheads and blemishes from your face.

SHILLS Black Gel Deep Sebum Softener

Price: $23.90

Description of Product: It specializes on improving common skin problems such as excess sebum, acne and blackheads by combining Liposome Gel plus massage to soften even the most stubborn blackheads! 

Function of this Product: To soften the blemishes, so that they would be easily removed from your face.

Instruction for Usage:

1. Apply SHILLS Black Gel Deep Sebum Softener to problem areas.
2.  Massage gently to produce heat—this will help soften sebum and blackheads stuck in pores.
3.  Leave on for 3 minutes and wash off.


This product is quite easy to use—just rub it on your problem areas. It will help to soften the sebum and blackheads, so that blemishes can be easily removed when using the Peel Off Mask.

I do think that it is almost similar to the process of streaming during the facial session. Its main purpose is to open up the pores to facilitate the removal of the dirt and grime.  Now, we can achieve the same effect in a hassle-free way with the use of the Softener.

SHILLS Purifying Peel-Off Mask (50 ml)
Price: $21.50

Description of Product: It thoroughly clears blackheads and surface dirt. The peel-off formulation prevents pores from clogging while deep cleansing the face thoroughly. Pore size will eventually be reduced with regular, long-term use.

Function of this Product: Removes blackheads, dead skin and tiny hairs instantly. Experience radiant brightened skin again!

Instruction for Usage:

1.Cleanse and dry your face before use. For dry skin, apply toner before use.
2. Spread an appropriate amount on face. The thickness should just be sufficient to cover up the pores. Avoid sensitive areas such as eyes, lips, eyebrows and hairline.
3.Allow 15–30 minutes for mask to dry before peeling off from the bottom up, slowly. Apply your normal skin care products thereafter.


I can really see all the whiteheads being removed from my nose after peeling off the mask.  Until now, I am still using this product because I do find that it removes my blemishes effectively. However, take note to apply an adequate amount of the Mask on your face, so that it will be able to “attract” the blemishes effectively.

A word of advise though : Do be patient to allow the mask to be completel dry before peeling it off, so that the wet mask will not stain your hands.

SHILLS Pore Minimizer Clarifying Toner (100 ml)

Price: $21.90

Description of Production: Specially formulated to eliminate common bacteria that cause blackheads, forming a natural film on skin that locks in moisture and prevents skin from being irritated by air pollutants. A fresh, non-greasy and oil-balancing formulation that cleanses and removes dead keratin cells while moisturizing skin, it is suitable for oily, combination or any skin type with rough pores.

Function of Product: Tightens pores, absorbs excess sebum from the face and thoroughly cleanses to prevent formation of acne and blackheads.

Note: Use after removing blackheads or acne extraction as its astringent properties help to shrink pores and calm red and inflamed skin.

Instructions for usage:

1.Cleanse and dry your face before use.
2. Pour an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad and gently pat on skin


Enlarged pores is always a major skin concern for me.After using this product, I do find that it effectively calms down my sensitive inflamed skin and tightens the pores. Do try out this product if you have a combination skin.

In Conclusion:

Apart from the individual product review of these 3 products, I notice a great difference during the process of extraction when I am having my facial session. I no longer have to suffer the immense pain when beautician attempts to help me clear the blemishes on my face! I do think that this is a result of my hard works pay off when I diligently use this range of Shill Charcoal Products. Yipee! Shills Products really clears my pores!!!!

Do try out this range of Shill Products—you can buy it either from Beauty Bistro Website http://www.beautybistro.com/ online or selected outlet of SASA, BHG and OG Stores.

Lastly, I will like to thank Beauty Bistro for their generosity in sponsoring this range of Shill charcoal Products.


Gwendeline said...

Hi =) Are you still using these 3 products? I found out that SHILLS had came up with quite a lot of different version of these blackhead removal set. like: http://www.beautybistro.com/product_info.php?products_id=168
Have u try this before? can u give me some comments on which product is better? TQ ^^

Shorthairlady said...

Hi Gwendeline:
Yes, I am still using this product of Shills but I have not use SHILLS Whitening Peel Mask (Purple) before. That is why I cannot comment.

But I do like SHILLS Black Gel Mask ( a new version):
http://www.beautybistro.com/product_info.php?products_id=140 as it is more convenient for use. Just wash off the Mask with water and its quite effective as you will be able to see its deep cleansing just after several times of usage.

Gwendeline said...

Hi ^^

Thanks for replying. I'm tempted to buy the SHILLS Black Gel Mask but doesn't know how good it is because I hardly find any reviews online.

Thanks for your recommendation.

If there's any product that you've tried and felt that it's worth a try, please let me know.(if you don't mind) =) Hehe~

email: sweetpotato.tze@gmail.com

Shorthairlady said...

Hi Gwendeline,
Not a problem.I only use this product of Shills and therefore will not be able to comment on other Shill products though.