02 October 2011

(Sponsored) Review of 2B Slimming Mask

I am so honored to be one of the first few who get to try out the 2B Slimming Mask before it is launched in Singapore.

2B Slimming Mask functions just like the 2B for the face whose main purpose is to firm up your facial contour without going through bone-reducing operation. Currently in my 2nd bottle of 2B for the face and I am thrilled to get feedbacks from my friends that my face is indeed getting smaller and slimmer. --It really sharpens my facial contour!

I am definitely going to stock up this wonderful product of 2B when I am going to Hong Kong for a holiday in Nov.

More about 2B Products

2B is a slimming Brand from Three Plus Trading in Hong Kong that was inspired by years of medical research and latest technological breakthrough that helped shape the trend of skincare treatment and slimming solutions that currently offered in top plastic surgery and dermatology .2B Alternatives will bring you the fastest, the accurate and the focused professional treatment on its collection of product (Adapted from 2B Website: http://www.2blife.com/sg/english.swf)

Info on 2B Slimming Mask

The best supplement to 2B for Face essence. This mask has the unique 3D lock design that triple locks all slimming target point of the face, which activates these key facial points with fully absorption. Lifting effects are immediate, so facial contour is visibly firmer and tighter.

Effects of this mask
1. Lock the Facial Contour instantly
2. Six Times of 2B Slimming Essence

Frequency of usage: 1 to 2 times per week

Target area: Cheek, Chin and Jaw

How to put on the Mask:

  • Open Foil Bag and unfold the mask, apply the mask closely on the cheek and make sure the open position are fixed to your mouth and nose
  • Unfold the upper pair of hooks, and hang it on ears from chin part.
  • Unfold the lower pair of hooks and hanging on ears from your jaw part until it completely covers your jaw and up to two sides of cheeks

  • Wait for 15 minutes until the essence is absorbed into your face. Unhook and Uncover the mask without rinsing off. Massage the remains of the essence on face till it fully absorbed.


After looking through the instructions, I thought that it will take me quite a while to figure out the correct way to put on the 2B Mask. Well, I am wrong as it is quite easy to put on the Mask. Simply position the Mask onto the lower half of the face and then hook it on my ears twice.  I have tried another brand of slimming mask before and only one phrase can describe it: So tight until I cannot turn my face. 2B is different-you will hardy feel any discomfort after hooking it on.

I do think that this Mask provides an easier way to “fix” your facial contour when you need to attend certain important functions or occasions. Just put the Mask on for 15 minute and you will have a slimmer face which will look great on photos. Other than this amazing slimming effect, I also love the moisturizing effect of the Mask. My skin is definitely supple and softer after using this Mask. Overall, it really lives up to my realistic expectations of gradual reduction of my facial contour. Of course, I am not expecting a major drastic change of my facial shape which is only achievable via cosmetics operation.

Here is a Tip:

After emptying the mask, I do notice that there is still some essence left in the 2B Packet.  In order not to waste them, I actually pour them out into the 2B Slimming Essence Bottle for future usage. I guess a lot of people will be like me as we do not want to waste the 2B essence.

Will I buy this Product again? The answer is definately Yes! Lastly, I will like to thank Sarah of Three Plus Trading Pte Ltd for letting me try yet another wonderful Product of 2B Alternative. Do try out 2B Mask and you will be as satisfied with the slimming facial contour result just like me.

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