23 October 2011

(Sponsored) Product Review of HAPICA Sonic toothbrush-Minus Ion, Periodontal Ultra & Pinpoint

A new brand of toothbrush by the name of HAPICA will be hitting the store of Watsons from 20th Oct onwards. Thanks to the invitation by LifeStream Group, I am excited to use and write the review of HAPICA Sonic Toothbrush.

About HAPICA Sonic toothbrushes

They were launched in 1986 in Japan and became a huge hit due to its superior dental cleansing ability and high durability at an affordable price. 100% Japan made, the uncompromised quality from material selection, design and construction of HAPICA sonic toothbrushes to HAPICA’s patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology earned international recognition and approval from various dental associations around the world.

With its unparalleled, professional dental benefits at affordable prices, it is the reason why more than 20 million HAPICA toothbrushes have been sold in Japan. 100% Made In Japan

What is so special about Hapi-Sonic™ technology?

Hapi-Sonic™ powered – Ultrasonic with Precision Tapping Motion
Patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology combines 7,000 times ultrasonic vibrations per minute with precision tapping, clinically proven to perform better than sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute. 

Effect: The technology taps on teeth and gum, creating sonic waves that form micro bubbles to reach areas where normal brushes cannot possibly reach.

International recognition from various dental associations
  • Clinically proven and accredited by American Dental Association & France National Dental Health Commission
  • Researched by The Nippon Dental University and State University of New York
  • Received the Good Design Award in Japan for its environmentally friendly design
  • 11 patents awarded for product reliability, design, technology and safety

There will be 3 ranges of HAPICA sonic toothbrushes available at Watsons (whose head are interchangable):
  • Minus Ion 
  • Periodontal Ultra
  • Pinpoint.

More about HAPICA Minus Ion

Price: $18.90

Minus Ion brush heads Refills: $11.90

It offers 12 positive benefits at an Unbeatable Value

Product Description:

  • With Ultrasonic Vibrations from the patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology that provides superior plaque removing and cleaning abilities as compared to other leading sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute
  • Special Mineral-Coated Natural Ceramics bristles emit negative ions and far infrared for anti-odour, anti-plaque and anti-stain properties

How do all these improve our oral health?
  • Ultrasonic Vibrations deep cleanse and Precision Tapping actions promote better micro-circulation of gum
  • Negative Ions break down plaque, whiten teeth and reduce bad breath
  • Far Infrared promote better gum circulation and improve gum health
  • Antibacterial bristles prevent bacterial growth on bristles
  • Special-cut bristles access hard to reach areas
  • Ultra-fine bristles are non abrasive and protect tooth enamel


I am a person who simply loves to use vibrating toothbrush as I do think that it will be able to reach those “hard to reach places.” That is why I love this innovative HAPICA Minus Ion Toothbrush as it offers an amazing 7,000 times ultrasonic vibrations per minute which is clinically proven to perform better than sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute. More-ever, it is very easy to use with the operating button at the back of the toothbrush.

After using the toothbrush for several time, I do find that my teeth is having less stains as I do have a habit of drinking beverages like coffee and sweetened drinks such as sugared green tea. However, it might take some time for people who is used to brushing with manual brush as they might not be used to the vibrations when brushing their teeth.

Overall, I do find that the price is quite reasonable at a price of $18 as it offers 3 options of interchangeable heads: Minus Ion, Periodontal Ultra or Pinpoint brush head. Do note to keep the “battery operated area” as dry as possible to prolong the usage of the HAPICA toothbrush.

Info on HAPICA Periodontal Ultra

Price: $16.90

Periodontal Ultra brush heads Refills: $10.90

As the name suggests, this tooth brush can help to prevent the following symptoms of periodontal disease periodontal disease:

  • Gums which bleed easily
  • Swollen, painful gums caused by plaque accumulation
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Pockets between teeth and gum
  • Sensitive teeth and receding gum line

For your information, Periodontal diseases, also referred to as "gum diseases", lead to discomfort, receding gums and tooth loss. Daily brushing helps remove dental plaque but incorrect brushing or using the wrong toothbrush often leaves dental plaque hardening into calculus that causes gum disease.

Product Description:

  • Intelligent special-cut ultrafine bristles and ultra compact brush head effectively remove food particles and plaque along gum line, gum pockets and back teeth 
  • Super gentle on sensitive teeth and gum 
  • Massages gum to stimulate gum circulation and promote gum health 

Suitable for: sensitive teeth and gum as it does not irritate or cause bleeding to sensitive gum tissue


As I do not have any gum problems, it might be harder for me to really write a review on this product. But, I do find the brush head of this product is smaller than the Minus Ion brush head.

That would also mean that the bristles of this product is finer and much gentle on the teeth and the gum area.  Therefore, this Periodontal Ultra toothbrush is definitely suitable for you if you have sensitive gum and teeth problems

Info on HAPICA Pinpoint

Price: $15.90

Pinpoint brush heads Refill: $10.90

A Unique vibrating interdental brush that removes trapped food particles in between braces and wires.

Product Description:
  • Superfine bristles cleanse the narrowest interdental gaps, crowns and braces effectively and comfortably 
  • Revolutionary interdental brush with ultrasonic technology removes the finest particles trapped in hard-to-reach areas 


Among the three HAPICA Sonic toothbrushes, my favourite is definitely this product. This is because I have not removed my wisdom tooth yet and bits of meat slices tend to stick on behind this area. When that happens, I do find it a bit embarrassing to use the toothpick or dental floss in front of my family and friends to get rid of these tiny pieces of meat which is making my wisdom tooth very uncomfortable. Now, I am able to brush them off. So far, I have not really seen a vibrating toothbrush with this type of fine bristles.

Since the Pinpoint is so ultra-fine, there might be a concern over its storage issue--How to keep such a small brush head?. Fret not as HAPICA Pinpoint comes with a cap which is really a great idea for a clumsy person like me. Now I need not have to worry about the HAPICA Pinpoint toothbrush being damaged due to my negligence.

In summary, here is a guideline on how to choose the HAPICA toothbrush that is suitable for your own usage:

  • The HAPICA Minus Ion toothbrush has multiple benefits such as whitening, anti-odour, anti-plaque, anti-bacterial properties while improving gum circulation, due to the negative ions and far infrared rays emitted from the natural ceramics bristles. With these unparalleled cleansing benefits, it can be used even without toothpaste.
  • For sensitive teeth and gum, the HAPICA Periodontal Ultra will be the perfect choice. 
  • HAPICA Pinpoint will help braces wearers and people with wide teeth gaps to ensure complete removal of trapped food debris.

Lastly, do try out this new brand of HAPICA toothbrush which is available exclusively either at Watsons or LifeStream Group Website: http://lifestreamgroup.com/

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