08 October 2011

Kit Kat Bloggers Contest Prize Presentation

My very first Bloggers’ Contest-the Kit Kat bloggers challenge has finally come to an end with a prize presentation at the SPH Centre. 

I do like to take this chance to thank Omy and Nestle for selecting me as a finalist and I look forward to taking part in others Bloggers’ Contest in the future. Thank you so much for your support and I have chosen Daphne Gal as the winner for the Kit Kat Contest that is held by me. Congrats to her and the SPH staff will be in touch with you by mid next week.

Note: All the photos posted here for this post are credited and provided by Omy.sg.

All of the finalists are presented with a tote bag full of Kit Kat goodies as a token of appreciation for participating in this Contest. Do note that the Kit Kat tote bag shown here is of limited edition and  I will always remember to “take a break” whenever I use it.

The exciting moment arrives….Drum Rolls……and the winner is none other than Sheron.

Congrats to her for winning the grand prize of either a trip to Phuket, Hong Kong or Taiwan. 

Here comes another surprise….to recognize the effort that a blogger has put in to the contest, there will be a special cash prize of $400. Most of us are looking at William upon the announcement as we are all anticipating that he will win…Sure enough, our guesses are correct.  Congrats to William as well.

Lastly, we end the session with a group photo.

By the way, here comes the good news….. Nestle will be hosting a Kit Kat Singapore FB Page soon where there will be promotions and updates for all the Kit Kat fans out there in Singapore. Do join when this page is launched. I will probably be announcing on my blog here once it has been launched.

Till then, Do remember to “have a break! Have a Kit Kat!”

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