30 October 2011

Kinohimitsu Media Event

I got invited to the Kinohimitsu Media Event.

Prior to attending this event at Mogambo Bar & Restaurant Singapore, I do not know that Kinohimitsu has a wide variety of drinks that caters to everyone’s beauty, health and detox needs.

Upon arrival, we have a mini tasting session where we have to choose our preference between 2 sampled drinks that are presented to us. Well, the alarming results are finally revealed to us at the end of the event. All of the attendees, including me actually choose A, which is the Kinohimitsu collagen drink. In comparison, A really has a much more refreshing lychee taste which is more to my liking.

For your information, Confirm Trading is the exclusive distributer for Kinohimitsu in Singapore.

More about Kinohimitsu Brand

A team of scientists and passionate botanic health activists ventured into the rainforest in search of new plants and herbs. Through this process, they successfully uncovered the secret of plant life and established Kinohimitsu. 

Kinohimitsu believe in using the best of nature for the most effective healing through a liberating process
True to their promise, their products carry the following attributes:

  • They use natural active plant-extracted ingredients such as royal jelly, perilla seed extract and many others. All our products are 100% natural with no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colouring, flavouring, chemicals and no hormones as tested by SGS. 
  • Their products are effective as we use the best in technology and ingredients. Our proprietary liquid formula supports high absorption.
  • Because they believe in quality that is brought forth by expertise and supported by certification, all our products are safe for consumption. They have achieved various compliances and accreditations including CE Mark, USA FDA certification for medical device and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Halal Certification and HAACP. 

The speaker of this event is Pei Yee, the brand manager of Kinohimitsu.

Basically, there are 3 categories of drinks:  beauty, health and detox under the brand of Kinohimitsu. Check out the whole range of Kinohimitsu drink below.

The focus of this session is mainly on the topic of Detox.  This is the interesting fact that I have learnt at this session:

Although you may have a regular bowel movement on a daily basis, chances are your colon and intestines are still coasted with some old, gluey, hardened waste (faeces) which are referred to as “mucoid plaque”. The average individual carried between 7 to 25 pounds of mucoid plaque which can contribute to innumerable health problems including being overweight, skin blemishes, poor nutrition, low immunity, bloating, flatulence and bad breath.

Personally, I do relate to this interesting fact as I have the constant problem of constipation and sensitive stomach. Even though I have to watch my diet to ensure that I get enough fibre, I still suffer from certain digestive problems such as winds in my stomach. Since Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice is included in the goodies bag, I have taken this chance to test out the effectiveness of this product. After 4 hours of drinking this product, I have finally felt the urge to visit the ladies to get rid of my waste.

Overall, it’s has been an informative session as I learn more about the topic of Detox. By the way, do not underestimate the process of Detox. It can enable us to get rid of our “waste”. Wastes are like blockage of passageway in our intestine. By getting rid of them, we can ensure that our body functions well and is able to absorb the nutrients provided by supplement such as the Collagen Drinks.

Lastly, I will like to thank Confirm Trading for their invitation. Do check their website http://www.confirmtrading.com/ for more product information and updates.  

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