17 September 2011

The Runway Edit Event

My friend, Ann has won passes to the styling workshop at Wisma Atria and she has kindly extended the invites to me and Fiona. Thank you for your nice gestures, Ann. For your information, this styling event is co-sponsored by Miss Selfridge, Sony and Body Shop.

Upon arriving at the L1 Atria of Wisma, we are immediately treated to a makeover by the Body Shop. Body Shop has a new Range of makeup called extra virgins minerals range. What is so unique about this range is that it is made from cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil of southern Italy that has hydrating properties for the skin. Imagine a make-up with dual properties of correcting the color of your skin color and skincare properties. Now you need not have to worry about your makeup being flaky and not long-lasting when your skin secretes oil.

After the makeover, we do get to bring home an instant candid photo that is printed from the Sony Digital Photo Printer. Here is mine.

In between, there is a mini styling workshop conducted by Cleo Fashion Editor, Annabelle.

She has shared with us the latest fashions for the fall/winter sessions. Basically, this session is more retro as the trend is more towards the 60s, 70s and 80s. I am not a person who really pays attentions to Fashion trends though as I like to keep my style simple.  Therefore, I shall not elaborate more on the fashion style that Annabelle has explained on 60s, 70s and 80s. All I know that this season’s trend is more on “boxy” bags, Peter Pan sleeves and bodysuit.

Let us check out the collections from Miss Selfridge.

After the styling workshop, there is a short make-up demo by Body Shop makeup artiste, Angel.

Besides the extra virgins makeup range, she also mentions about another star product of Bodyshop, Lip & Cheek Stain. Although I am a big fan of Cheek Stain, I actually prefer the limited edition Body Shop Cheek Stain which has been discontinued. I do hope that Body Shop will bring back this product next year.

The event ends with a lucky draw whereby 1 lucky invited guest will get to win a $100 Miss Selfridge voucher. Even though lady luck is not with me today, I have a lovely time at this event as it has ended earlier at 3.30pm instead of the stipulated time of 5pm. 

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