04 September 2011

(Sponsored) Review of L’OREAL Revitalift White Day Cream & Essence Products

This is my review of these 2 products of Loreal Revitalift Perfect White Product
  • L’OREAL Revital White Day Cream (With SPF 18)
  • L’OREAL Revital Advanced Whitening Spot & Wrinkle Corrector Essence

What is so unique about Loreal Revitalift Range?

If you have been following my blog, you would have know that the unique point about this Range is that it can combats against 15 signs of aging with just 1 step:

• Protects Against UV Rays
• Improves Supplements
• Reduces Fine Lines
• Lights Dark Spots
• Reduces Wrinkles
• Boosts Radiance
• Tightens Skin
• Fights Signs of Aging
• Evens skin tone
• Brightens Complexion
• Hydrates skins
• Smoothens Skin
• Lightens Skin Tone
• Enhances Luminosity
• Softens Skin

This is indeed savings in terms of time. Why? I do welcome this notion of mult-tasking concept in 1 bottle of skincare as we do know that time is very precious to us. Most of the city dwellers including me do not have adequate hours of at least 8 hours of sleep, let alone the time to apply more than 5 bottles of skincare to counter each of our skincare problems.

For me, I am always on the lookout for an anti-aging cream that is suitable for my age range of late twenties-early thirties  Some of the anti-aging cream out there in the beauty market are richer and oily in nature as they target at the age range of forties and above. This is definitely a no no for me as these richer anti-aging cream might cause more breakout of acne and blemishes. That is what I have encountering some months ago when I am trying out a certain brand of whitening product.

Although I have not seen more signs of wrinkles on my face, I do feel that my skin has become dull, uneven and more fragile towards external aggressions such as UV rays. Here is where L’OREAL Revital White Day comes to the rescue. We should always start early from the age of 25 years old to delay the signs of aging as it will always require much efforts if we try to rescue our skin when wrinkles and age spots really appear on our skin. When that happens, we might have to go to a plastic surgeon to tackle these problems via Botex or other intensive treatment.

About L’OREAL Revital White Day Cream (With SPF 18)

Price: $27.90

Size: 50ml

Texture: White pearly smooth cream

Description:  This product is developed specifically for women who are not quite ready to use an intensive anti-aging treatment for deep-set wrinkles or visible loss of skin firmness but who still seeks to fight the first signed of aging.


After opening the box, I thought that the Day Cream looks quite oily. I am wrong---the Day cream is easily absorbed and it does not leave any oily after effect. Immediately, I can feel that my skin feels softer and supple in nature. More-ever my skin feels smoother as the anti-aging effect come into place by firming up my skin. Definitely a product that I can foresee using it at a long run.  I am now using this product to target at my laughing lines as my skin looks saggy in photo. I am confident that this product will be able to assist me in tackling this problem as it needs 4 week of usage to see a more tense result.

About L’OREAL Revital Advanced Whitening Spot & Wrinkle Corrector Essence

Price:  $34.90

Size: 30ml

Description: Its silky soft milky fluid texture penetrates immediately into the skin, hydrating it intensely. It leaves your skin silky soft, supple and smooth.


The texture of this Essence is watery in comparison to the Day Cream. I can feel that the hydrating effect is more intense as I can see a thin film of “water” on my skin. If you have known me personally, you could have known that I love any skincare products that add hydration to my skin without any side effects. Hydration is very important, especially if you are a person who loves to put on make-up. Surely you will want your make-up to be long-lasting without the need to retouch your foundation. Even without make-up, your skin will looks radiant and supple. I am really satisfied with the hydrating result of this product.

Lastly, I will like to express my thanks to L’OREAL for letting me trying out these 2 wonderful products. I will certainly be replenishing these 2 anti-aging products as I am so satisfied with the anti-aging and hydrating properties. Do try out these 2 L’OREAL Revital Products.

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