02 September 2011

A Beautiful Journey with La Mer Event

There is a new Women's Magazine in town by the name of Cosmopolitan. Do check out this magazine as I find that the contents are quite interesting. At a price of merely $5, it offers all the topics under the sun such as career, skincare or even fashion to working ladies. And the best thing is that they are now offering a special subscription rate of $36 for 12 copies (1 year).

I am so honoured to be invited by Cosmopolitan Magazine to attend their first exclusive Beauty Event at the White Rabbit, A Beautiful Journey with La Mer.

For your information, La Mer is one of the well-known luxurious skincare under the umbrella of Estee Launder Group. They have 3 counters in Singapore: Takashimaya, Robinsons Centerpoint, Tangs Orchard and La Mer products are also sold exclusively at Nuance Watson @ Singapore Changi Airport.

Let us take a look at the history of La Mer

La Mer is founded by aerospace physicist Dr Max Huber who is looking for a cure to heal the scars he suffered in a lab accident. It took him twelve years and 6000 failure before he has found the right solution to transform his skin dramatically to a softer and supple texture.

 By the way, this miracle solution mentioned here is the star product of Lar Mer, Creme de la mer.

If you are currently looking to invest in a luxurious skincare brand, do consider La Mer products.

The techniques of bio-fermentation with a mixture of natural ingredients like sea kelp are the key to making Crème de la mer a great success in the skincare industry.

One of the highlight of this event is a sharing session by 3 wonderful ladies about their extraordinary life stories.

The first story is the story of a 19 year old gal, Yip Pin Xiu . Although she is paralysed she has done Singapore proud by bringing home the metal of 2008 Summer Paralympics. I cannot help but admired her spirit in doing so. Even though she is paralysed, she has a positive mindset towards life.

The 2nd story is the story of Debra, the lecturer. Even though she has got a brain tumour before which results in the paralysis of her right hand, she is currently pursuing her master,

The 3rd story is the story of a lady who has used to have a scar on her chin. Here is where La Mer comes to her rescue: Now her scar has healed and unnoticeable.

This story inspires Lar Mer Manager to share with us another miracle story:

La Mer is launching an event sometimes ago in China where all the socialite are invited. Among the guests, there is a socialite whose 3 years old son has been burned by hot, boiling water from the kettle. At that time, the regenerating Serum has not been officially launched in China yet. But, La Mer manager gives her a whole bottle of the serum to apply on the scar. And, 1 months later, the kid’s scar has healed and disappeared!. Such is the wonderful healing power of La Mer Products.

As this event is held at the White Rabbit, we are treated to a sensational meal of French cuisine. It’s my first time tasting French cuisine and my favourite is definitely the Wagyu Beef. Check out the food that we have at the event.

Overall, I have a great time at this event and will like to express my thanks to La Mer and Cosmopolitan Magazine for the invitation.

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