04 September 2011

2B Alternative mini Prize Ceremony

I am invited to the 2B Alternative Prize Ceremony at V8 Movie Café @ Bugis. It’s more like a small meet up cum Lunch session with the staff of 2B Alternative.

Along with me, another 4 winners also attend this Lunch session. Although we do not know each other before hand, we do have a lovely time chatting with each other as we have a common goal—We all want to slim down in certain part of our bodies /face. For me, I am always troubled by the problem of having a heavy bottom-around the thigh areas from young. Here is where 2B Alternative products come to the rescue as they are able to target on our problems area.

Before the 2B product demo, we have lunch. Here is what I have ordered from the menu-V8 Signature Meal.

The next part of this session is the mini Prize Ceremony by 2B.Check out the winners (including me) below:

About 2B Alternative Products
There are currently 4 2B Alternative Products in the Retail Market:
• 2B For Face(7mlx2)
• 2B Into Arm & Body (100ml)
• 2B Skirt Ready(120ml)
• 2B For Leg(80ml)

I shall not go into the detailed product information as you are able to find these at 2B Website: http://www.2blife.com/. I will just provide you the info of 2B products that Sarah, the Senior Marketing & Branding Executive of 2B Alternative has shared with us.

2B Alternative has been launched in Singapore, exclusively at Guardian for the past 1 year. And it has been a great success as they are currently the no 3 best selling slimming products at Guardian. By the way, the no 1 and no2 best selling slimming products are all slimming pills. If you are talking only about slimming gel, 2B are definitely the no 1 at Guardian.

2B Into Arm & Body is 2B best selling product at the moment and is the only product among the other 4 that has heat sensation. Do take note that the heat sensation we are talking here is different from the other slimming gel in the product. You will feel the heat sensation from within your arms yet when you touch your arms, it still maintains at normal temperature. It’s hard for me to explain this strange effect but you really have to try out this wonderful product to experience it for yourself.

2B Skirt Ready and 2B For Leg target the Leg areas. The textures of these 2 products are more watery because they serve the purpose of removing water retention and encouraging blood circulation. The differences between these products are: 2B Skirt Ready is designed to reduce fats at the bum, thighs and calves areas while 2B For Leg target only the calves.

As for 2B For Face, it is a product that is greatly raved by a lot of celebrity stars. It is safer and more effective than bone reduction. I am rather curious about this product as I do find that my face is getting dropsy nowadays in photo. That is why I have request for a box of 2B For Face as one of my prize for the2B Merit Award.

Hopefully, I will be able to see result soon. If it really works, I will probably top up another 2 boxes of 2B For Face. Normally, you should use 3 Boxes of 2B Products (that is refer to 1 treatment) to see a longer lasting result.  By the way, I also heard from Sarah that 2B will be having a special promotion of 20% at Guardian soon which is great news for all 2B users.

There is another product: 2B Mask for face which has not been launched in Singapore yet and I am privilege to be one of the first batch who get to preview it. Each box consists of 4 masks which will effectively lock the after slim facial contour. Here are some photos of the usage of the mask as demonstrated by anther staff of 2B.

I do have a wonderful time at the V8 movie café, learning more about the 2B Alternative Products. Lastly, I will like to thank 2B once again for choosing me as one of the Merit Winner. 

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