14 August 2011

Vichy Bloggers' Event

I attended Vichy Bloggers Event on Friday evening, thanks to Tiphanie of Sassyd0ll - Her Beautifully Imperfect Life.

Upon arrival at the Loreal Office at Winsland House (Vichy is a brand under the umbrella of Loreal Company) , we are immediately treated to a delicious dinner of sandwiches and salad. I do love this arrangement as I would prefer a healthier dinner of lesser categories because I have a sensitive stomach.

The event finally starts 20 minutes latter with a short and detailed introduction to the brand of Vichy.

Information about the brand of Vichy

Vichy is the no 1 dermatological brand in the world.

Vichy Laboratories was founded in 1831 by a French physician and a visionary industrialist. Since its founding, the brand has been dedicated to the health of a skin, a vital organ and offers products to prevent and correct skin’s physiological imbalances.

 Today, Vichy Laboratories is the leading skincare brand in European pharmacies

What is so special about the products of Vichy?
All Vichy Products are formulated with Vichy Thermal water (water from Lucas Spring), which is particularly tailored to the needs of sensitive skin.

Where to buy Vichy Products: Vichy counters in selected Guardian, Watsons, Unity pharmacies and major hospitals.

Vichy Spa Water

Rich in 15 mineral salts and trace elements, the thermal Spa Water is considered “living water” as it cannot be reproduced industrially and is therefore, an active ingredient that is genuinely pure and natural.

These 15 minerals components in the Spa Water include:
  • Calcium :  Protects skin tissue
  • Potassium: Helps in hydrating skin cells
  • Silicon: Densifying; regenerating
  • Magnesium : Stimulates skin regeneration
  • Iron: Helps in oxygenating skin cells
  • Manganese : Combats oxidation and stimulates healing
  • Copper: Has an anti-inflammatory action
  • Zinc: Necessary for cell-growth and healing.

Vichy Laboratories offer hypoallergenic formulas combining Vichy Thermal Spa Water to help to preserve and reinforce healthy skin eg, dryness, dehydration and imperfections, wrinkles and lack of skin firmness.

Therma Spa Water Spray-100% pure VICHY Thermal Spa Water

Size: 50ml bottle spray
Retail Price: S$9.90

Size: 150ml bottle spray
Retail Price: S$19.90

Description: Rich in mineral salts and trace elements. Soothes sensitive skin and reinforces skin defences by soothing, fortifying and regenerating

Active Ingredients: 100% pure Vichy Thermal Spa Water, preservative-free and fragrance-free
Usage : This product can be used in multiple ways:

There will be a Vichy Spa Water Video Contest whereby you can get to win a 15GB Wi-fi Apple iPad2.

Here is how to join: Simply use your creativity to create a video on how you could use your Spa Water. Email your video together with your name and contact number to vichy@sg.loreal.com by 30 Sept 2011 

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range

Suitable: For skin that needs hydration, even sensitive ones

End result: Up to 24 hour rehydrating care. Skin feels supple, refreshed & velvety-soft, free from tightness all day long.

**Star Product- Aqualia Thermal Aqua-Gel Moisturiser

Size: 50ml jar
Price: $48.00

Texture: Aqueous, oil free & ice-cooling texture

Application: Apply every morning and/or evening after toner

Description: It instantly diffuses a hydrating sensation to each and every layer of the epidemics, skin is intensely hydrated and deeply soothed. The oil-free crystalline gel texture delivers immediate freshness and a sensation of velvety softness. Paraben free, oil free and non-greasy light texture.

Active ingredients:
  • Vichy Thermal Spa Water: Please view detailed description above
  • Aquabioryl™ : New generation of ultra hydrating ingredient which amplifies comfort sensation and gives softness and silkiness to texture.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: It provides hydration by locking the water in the skin and creates a protective film on the skin’s surface.

**New Product: Aqualia Thermal Mask
Size: 50ml tube
Price: $39.90
Texture: Cream texture

Application: Apply a generous layer to make-up free skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse or wipe off excess. Avoid Eye Area.

Description: A rinse off Mask that envelops skin in a comforting and softening hydrating thermal bath..Vichy Thermal Spa Water, unique benefit are concentrated in a creamy mask with shea butter, an excellent protective of the skin which intensely moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin. It is naturally rich in Vitamin E to protect the skin against aggressions and provide comforts to the skin. Immediately, skin is refreshed, refined and intensely hydrated and plumper.

After the power-point presentation, I am given a chance to try out these 3 wonderful products of Vichy.

Among them, my favourite is the Aqualia Thermal Aqua-Gel Moisturiser beacause it is in a gel-like structure which will not be too rich for my combination skin. Most important of all, I love the hydrating effect as my skin feels soft and subtle after the application.

Another fun activity that Vichy has lined up for us is to put a D.I.Y. Vichy Thermal Spa Mask on our face. You can try this at home too-Just soak a piece of D.I.Y. Sheet Mask in the Vichy Thermal Spa Water (spray sparingly in the bottle cap) and apply it on your face.

I am going to make my own Vichy Mask at home as I do find that it’s more fun and economical to make my own Mask.

Time passes very fast when I am enjoying myself at the event. I do hope to attend future Vichy events as Vichy is a renowned dermatological brand which contains Thermal Spa Water that has beneficial effects for your skin, even for the sensitive skin.

Lastly, I will like to thank Vichy and Pearlin, , the social media Connector for organising such a wonderful event.

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