21 August 2011

Time in Style Event

I attend the Time in Style Event organized by Style Men at Ion Orchard L4.

This event is basically a” finest watches appreciation workshop.” I shall not comment too much on this event as I am pretty much an idiot when it comes to finest watch appreciation. For your information, I do not wear a watch personally as I am so used to telling the time with my handphone.

The first part is basically to introduce us the appreciation of mechanical watches. 

 Check out the power point slides below.

The speaker has shared with us the reasons why the rich and affluent ones will like to invest in finest watches. The economic forecasts at the moment are quite pessimistic with negative and depressing reported news from the 1st world countries like USA.  With this financial crisis, the rich will choose to invest in finest watch rather than gold--Gold might raise some issues/questions at the custom if they decide to flee their own country. And, there is a lesser chance that finest watch will evolve the same problems at the customs.

The 2nd part of the presentations is by the Style Men’s  Editor.

He shows us some of the different types of  finest watches that are available on the market.

After attending this event, I doubt that I will spend my money on collecting the finest watches as I rather spend it elsewhere like designers’ bag.

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