28 August 2011

(Sponsored) Reviews of Vichy thermal spring water spray and Aqualia Products

I will like to share with you my reviews of these 3 Vichy products that I have received during the Vichy Bloggers' Event:

  • Vichy thermal spring water spray
  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal Aqua-Gel Moisturiser
  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mask

Why I love Vichy products
Thermal spa water originates from the Lucas Spring of France and contains the valued therapeutic spring water. Therefore, Vichy products are suitable for all types of skin, even the sensitive ones. For me, products that are suitable for sensitive skin would mean that the ingredients used are mild in nature and not so harsh for our delicate skin.

Check out my reviews of these 3 products:

Vichy thermal spring water spray
I am a busy Office Lady who spends most of my time at the air-conditioned environment. Because of that, my face is a bit dry. That is where the thermal spring water spray will come in handy as it replenishes the moisture on my face. I do feel that Vichy thermal spa differs from other brand as it really replenishes moisture as what it claims and it can even spray over the make-up. After spraying, my face feels fresher and most importantly, I do not look so fatigue (especially my job require me to look at the computer most of the time). 

Aqualia Thermal Aqua-Gel Moisturiser
Among the 3 products, this is my favorite because of the gel-like structure which makes it suitable for my combination skin. After the application, I do feel that my skin is hydrated and softer in texture but yet without any oiliness or stickiness on my skin. This is what I really love about this product-I do not to worry about the problems of breakout as my skin secretes lesser oil as it is more hydrated. More-over, it is not that oily in nature, meaning that the ingredients used will not be too rich for my blemishes prone skin.

Aqualia Thermal Mask
This mask functions as a rinse of mask with hydrating properties. The way to use it is to wash off after 10 minutes. Do remember to take note of the time to wash off as there is one time that I have forgotten and only removed it after half an hour after application. The mask really sticks on my skin and I have to use extra efforts to wash it off. Other than that, I have no complain about this mask as it really hydrates my skin. I love any mask that has hydrating properties and this mask of Vichy is definitely one of them.

I am currently still using these 3 products at the moment.Vichy is definitely one of my favorite brands which I strongly recommend for you to try if you have sensitive skin. Do try it and you will amazed with the hydrating effect just like me.

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