04 August 2011

Review of AFC Tsubaki Beauty Drink

I am so happy when I received a notification from Life Stream Group that I have won a box of AFC Tsubaki Beauty Drink (10 bottles).

I have always wanted to try this product as I understand that it is preservative free and contains the highest amount of 10,000mg Micro-Collagen Peptides.For your information, Collagen is an essential protein which helps the function of many tissues and organs and is important for keeping your skin radiant, firm and supple. Totally suitable for me as I do feel that my skin is losing its firmness and getting saggy nowadays.

Info on AFC Tsubaki Beauty Drink

AFC Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is an Intensive Age-defying skin drink.

Content: 50ml x 10 bottles in refreshing peach flavour

Price: $53.18 (Excluding GST)
           :$56.90(with GST)

• Promotes skin firmness and elasticity
• Rebalances oily skin
• Reduces visible pores, wrinkles, fine lines
• Lightens pigmentation, spots and even out skin tone
• Powers up anti-oxidant level to reduce free radicals impact for radiant skin


Micro-Collagen Peptide 10,000mg
• One of the HIGHEST in the market
• Promotes skin firmness, hydration and clarity
• Reduces pores, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation

Hyaluronic Acid
• Possesses up to 6,000 times water locking capacity
• Retains moisture, plumps up the skin surface to smoothen wrinkles, and keeping skin supple at all times
• Stimulates repair of damaged skin

Bio-Cell Activator (BCA)
• Comprising botanical extracts of Tsubaki Camellia Seed, Lotus Germ and Star Fruit Leaf
• Promotes collagen production and reduces collagen breakdown
• Accelerates fibroblast proliferation for collagen and elastin production
• Enhances cellular renewal for firmer, smoother skin
• Natural anti-oxidant for collagen protection

Vitamin C
• Promotes skin metabolism for cellular renewal
• Maintains integrity of collagen and promotes collagen synthesis
• Functions as an anti-oxidant to strengthen skin defense against free radicals
• Supports UV-protection mechanism and reduces pigmentation

Vitamin Bs
• Enhances blood circulation for effective supply of skin nourishment
• Protects collagen structure and inhibits collagen damage
• Enhances cell respiration to refresh skin cells

Nutritional Information (per bottle)
Energy     55kcal
Carbohydrate 3.0g
Protein 10.8g
Fat 0g
Sodium 20.2mg

First Month: 1 bottle daily
Second Month: 1 bottle alternate day
Third Month: 1 bottle alternate day
Repeat the cycle for effective skin repair and nourishment.
For those above 40 years of age, it is highly recommended to follow the dosage of 1 bottle daily.

Miscelleaneous information
Qn: When is the recommended time to take AFC Tsubaki Beauty Drink
Ans: Best taken before sleeping as it is a time for healing and repair

Qn: Are time any side effects for consuming Tsubaki Beauty Drink?
Ans: No, Tsubaki Beauty Drink is all natural and preservative free. There are no side effects and it is suitable for long-term consumption

Qn: How soon can you see results?
Ans: Results vary across individuals. Within the first skin renewal cycle of 28 days, you may notice visible changes including reduction of pore size and fine lines, and increased moisture levels in the skin. It is highly recommended to consume Tsubaki Perfect Beauty for at least 3 months to enjoy its full benefits

Qns: Will this result in weight gain?
Ans: Tsubaki Beauty Drink is a low 55 calorie drink with zero fat.

(all the product information has been adapted from Lifestream Group Website: http://lifestreamgroup.com/tsubaki-perfect-beauty-p-200.html?desc=intro & AFC Tsubaki Beauty Drinks' Product Brochure)


I love Tsubaki Beauty Drink because it has a very refreshing peachy taste which is not too sweet. To me, it tastes like a milder version of ice peach tea with added milk power. This is perfect for a drink before you go to bed-something that is not too sweet or sour. More-ever, it has a low 55 calorie drink with zero fat. Therefore, you do not have to worry about consuming this just before bed as you will not put in weight.

I am rather skeptical at first as I have also tried other collagen drink before and they generally have an unpleasant taste. But, Tsubaki Beauty Drink (although it contains a substantial amount of 10,000mg Micro-Collagen Peptides) tastes pleasant due to Odourless collagen technology which makes it suitable for prolonged period of consumption.

It might take some time for me to really see the result but I do admit that I like the drink and will continue to monitor my skin condition.

Lastly, I will like to thank LifeStream Group for choosing me as a winner for their face book Contest.


Bb ToTs said...

Hi. So how is the feel after taking this drink? Have not seen any feedback on the drink after consuming them...

Shorthairlady said...

As I have only consumed about 10 bottles, I might not have seen such a great effect. But, I can feel that my skin is slightly brighter and radiant. As far as I understand, it will take around 16 bottles before you can see the full benefits on your face. Do note that the results also vary from individual. One really have to be persistent when consuming this product. Hope this information helps