21 August 2011

(Sponsored) Review of 2B Alternative Skirt Ready Product

I have taken part in 2B Alternative Trial & Review Competition last month and I am happy to receive notification from Sarah that I have won a merit prize for this contest.

Before I show you my review, here are some Product Information about the 2B Alternative Products.

About the brand of 2B

2B Alternative -Professional beauty treatment for a targeted region of body, inspire you every part of body matters

2B Alternatives was inspired by years of medical research and latest technological breakthrough that helped shape the trend of skincare treatment and slimming solutions that currently offered in top plastic surgery and dermatology practices. 2B Alternative will bring you the fastest, the accurate and the focused professional treatment on its collection of product (adapted from 2B Alternative Singapore Website) 2B Alternative Singapore Website

There are 5 Products under this slimming brand, namely:
  • 2B Alternative- Mask for Face
  • 2B Alternative- For Face
  • 2B Alternative- Skirt Ready
  • 2B Alternative- Into Arms & Body
  • 2B Alternative- For Leg

Where to buy 2B Products: Exclusively at Guardian Pharmacy

I have chosen the 2B Alternative- Skirt Ready Product for Trail & Review as I have always been troubled by the problem of a “heavy thighs” since young.

So far, I do like the Product and am still using it at the moment.

About 2B Alternative- Skirt Ready

Price: SG $58.80

Size: 120ml

Target Areas: Shape Up Hips & Thighs

Suitable for: All Types of Skin.

How to use the Skirt Ready Product:
  1. Take a Strawberry amount of 2B Skirt Ready, apply to where it needs
  2. Gently massage upwards from ankle to hip until fully absorbed by your skin.
  3. Recommended to use one o day after shower(once in a day time and night time accordingly)

My review that is submitted:

 Thanks to 2B Alternative for selecting me as a merit winner for this Contest and I look forward to attend the Prize Ceremony on 3rd Sept 2011. Stay tuned for this Post.

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