03 August 2011

My short break at Bangkok

It’s a last minute decision that I will be going for a short vacation as I need to clear my leave. This time, I am flying by Cathay Airway to Bangkok. The in-flight entertainment and the food aboard the plane make this travel journey a pleasant one.

I am staying at a 4 star hotel –Pathumwam Princess Hotel which is just next to the MBK Centre.

Basically, one can just access to MBK Centre via the link at the second floor. Quite convenient as Ihave done most of my shopping at MBK.  More-ever, it’s the raining seasons at Bangkok where it has been drizzling 2 out of my 4 days there.

By the way, I have discovered a stall selling cheap and nice Bird Nest at the 6th level foodcourt at MBK. The bird nest with Ginseng is priced at 50baht. I have forgotten the name of the stall but it is situated near the counter where you have to buy coupons to pay for the food that you have ordered at the individual stall.

There is also a more “expansive foodcourt” at the 5th level of MBK—The 5th food Avenue. This food Avenue caters to tourists and serves international cuisine such as Western, Chinese, Mexican, Thai Fusion Food etc.

The concept is similar to Mâché whereby a card will be given to you at the entrance of the Food Avenue. This food Avenue is definitely suitable for me as I do not take any spicy food. The food is delicious and yummy although it is a bit expansive.

On the 2nd day at Bangkok, I have gone for a half day optional day where the itineraries include Wat Arun Rajwararam -Temple of Dawn, Jewel Factory, Honey Bee Company and Four-Faced Buddha.

Check out the photos that I have taken at the Temple of Dawn.

Throughout the journey by boat to the west bank of the Chao Phraya River (the location of the temple), the tour guides have told us a lot more about the Thai culture-Majority of the Thai are Buddhists and Thailand is a country whereby they use the Buddhist teachings to govern the country.

Traffic jams are a common scene at Bangkok but you would not have seen the Thais people making a commotion there. They believe in karma and think that patience is a virtue. This is really what we Singaporeans should learn from the Thais. After the temple tour, we are offered a chance to accumulate merits by feeding the fishes at the temple area.

The fishes at the temple area are quite big in size as killing is prohibited at the temple.  Nice experience though as you will always feel happier after doing a good deed.

Overall, I do have an enjoyable time at Bangkok-It is really a shopping paradise where fashion items and apparels are so cheap when converted to Singapore dollar.

 I will definitely visit Bangkok again.

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