28 August 2011

L’OREAL Revitalift White Bloggers' Event

I have been invited to an Exclusive Launch Event of L’OREAL Revitalift White @ L’OREAL Academie at KeyPoint.

I am pretty excited as the new endorser for this range of L’OREAL Products is none other than Hebe (田馥甄). If you do not have an idea of who she is, here is another clue: SHE.  Yes, Hebe is part of the famous girls group of SHE and now, she has gone solo and released her own individual album.

After arriving at the Academie, we are immediately treated to a delicious meal of brunch (as the event starts at 11 in the morning).

Around 20 minutes later, the event finally beings with a short q & a by the Product Manager of L’OREAL.

Do put your beauty knowledge to the test and see if you could get this question right.

We all know that the first signs of aging will first appear on our face at the age of 25. It’s definitely alarming to know that but we can do our best to delay the signs. We can maintain our complexions and aged gracefully. Remember the Chinese saying…There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones. (世界上没有丑女人,只有懒女人) . That is why L’OREAL has developed this range of Revitalift White Products that are suitable for women in the 20s-30s as it has both whitening and anti-aging properties.

Since I also fall in this age range, I definitely welcome this notion as I will not want to use anti-aging cream that is simply too rich and oily for my combination skin.

Qn: What is so special about L’OREAL Revitalift White Products?

Ans: They can combats against 15 signs of aging with just 1 step. As individuals living in an urban society, we do not have adequate sleep of 8 hours, let alone the time to put on every beauty products that cater to each of our skin problems. Here comes the L’OREAL Revitalift White Range to the rescue as it has the following 15 anti-aging properties:

• Protects Against UV Rays
• Improves Supplements
• Reduces Fine Lines
• Lights Dark Spots
• Reduces Wrinkles
• Boosts Radiance
• Tightens Skin
• Fights Signs of Aging
• Evens skin tone
• Brightens Complexion
• Hydrates skins
• Smoothens Skin
• Lightens Skin Tone
• Enhances Luminosity
• Softens Skin

Starting from 1st sept, the new endorser of L'OREAL Revitalift will be Hebe. Do look out for L'OREAL commercials featuring her on the TV.

About  L’OREAL Revitalift White
There are 2 star Products under this Range, namely
• L’OREAL Revital White Day Cream (With SPF 18)
• L’OREAL Revital Advanced Whitening Spot & Wrinkle Corrector Essence

Available at: Watsons, Guardian,SASA, Selected Department Stores, Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

About L’OREAL Revital White Day Cream (With SPF 18)

Price: $27.90

Size: 50ml

Texture: White pearly smooth cream

Description:  This product is developed specifically for women who are not quite ready to use an intensive anti-aging treatment for deep-set wrinkles or visible loss of skin firmness but who still seeks to fight the first signed of aging,

  • Anti-aging action with Pro-Retinal A-This powerful active stimulates cell renewal to thicken the epidermis. Wrinkles are visibly reduced.
  • Anti-spots actions action with Vitamin B3-This renowned active inhibits the melanin transfer to cells, to prevent and fight against skin darkening and age spots
  • SPF18-Provides protection from UVB damages, preventing skin darkening

Usage: Use every day on thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Avoid eye contour

Immediately skin is moisturized, its surface is smothered and complexion looks instantly brighter and more luminous.
Day after day, wrinkles look reduced and skintone looks brighter.
After 4 weeks: skin is more elastic and firm, face is like lifted . Age spots are reduced and skintone is visibly fairer, like rejuvenated.

About L’OREAL Revital Advanced Whitening Spot & Wrinkle Corrector Essence

Price:  $34.90

Size: 30ml

Description: Its silky soft milky fluid texture penetrates immediately into the skin, hydrating it intensely. It leaves your skin silky soft, supple and smooth.

  • Melano-Block and now 6 times more Vitamin C-  2 powerful whitening ingredients which complement each other, for a double action to boost whitening efficacy.
  • Unique combination of Pro Retinol A and Fibre Elastyl- Pro Retinol A is encapsulayed to penetrate deep inside the epidermis to work at the heart of wrinkles. Fibre Elastyl-helps to fight against the deterioration of elastin fibers

Usage: Use every day in the morning and evening on a perfectly cleansed skin and before your Revitalift Day/Night Cream

For the first application, dull and uneven complexion is visibly brightened. Skin is instantly moisturized for 24 hours.
After 8 days,fine lines look softer and are smothered out. Your skin feels firmer and more elastic.
In 15 days, skin looks more even toned, clearer and brighter.
After 4 weeks: wrinkles are less visible and brown spots are visibly reduced. Your complexion looks fairer and more uniform. Your face contours look more defined, like lifted

Launch Promotions

Date: in Sept

For consumers: Special Promotions in September

For bloggers  invited for this Launch Event: We get a chance to meet Hebe in real person.

After the Products presentation, there is a mini contest whereby we have to decorate the Mirror with the existing art materials provided. Here is my master piece.

And the prize of this Contest is another highly raved product of L’OREAL—White Perfect Micro-Vibration (for the eyes) which is rewarded to the best 8 decorated mirrors.  By the way, you should try this eye product as I do find that it is effective to reduce the eyes bag and dark eye circles on my face after regular usage. What is so unique about this eye product is that it actually comes with a micro-vibrator plus an eye cream.

I will like to express my thanks to Irene of L’OREAL for the invitation as I have enjoyed myself at the Blogging Event. I do hope that I will be one of the lucky 3 who get a chance to meet Hebe in real person as she is one of my favorite female artistes.

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