13 August 2011

The Eastern Restaurant Food Tasting session

Thanks to William Tan (who is also the coordinator) and Dennis Toh from Flaunt PR & Communications for the invitation, I get to attend a food tasting event at The Eastern Restaurant.

For your information,

The Eastern Restaurant is located at
176 Orchard Road #01-57
Centerpoint Singapore 238843

Opening hoursMon-Sun: 11.00am-10.00pm

The Restaurant is actually situated at the further end of Centerpoint Building—which is only accessible via the basement 1 floor. Thereafter, simply take the escalator up to the 1st floor after you have seen Guardian and walk towards the end of the Building where you will find The Eastern Restaurant.

We are treated to a fantastic food tasting session where we taste some of their specialty dishes like Xiao Long Bao (Streamed Pork Dumplings).

While I am checking out the menu, I am quite surprised to find the price of the food there is quite reasonable, ranging from $4 -$8 for Dim Sum, House Dishes from $8+ onwards. I am expecting the food to be rather expansive as the restaurant is located at a busy Shopping Centre at Orchard. Another good option for me if I want to dine at Orchard Area

The food standard here is quite good despite the affordable prices. I have ordered a Noodle with Double Boiled Chicken Soup while sharing the Dim Sum and other House Dishes with the other bloggers. I love the Double Boiled Chicken Soup as I cannot stop myself from emptying the whole bowl of the Chicken Soup. Yummy. The only small complaint that I might have is that I will actually prefer the La Mian together with the Chicken Soup in the same Bowl rather than if they are being served separately. But that is my personal preference.

By the way, I have also heard commendable comments from the other bloggers who have ordered spicy dishes such as Noodle with Minced Meat & Mushroom in Spicy Sauce too

Another Dim Sum that you really have to try is definitely the Xiao Long Bao-The skin is quite thin with simmering marinated pork where the juice of the meat will simply burst out once you try to cut it with your spoon. Only 1 word for describing this experience…Tasty….

Check out the photos of the other food below.

Their kitchen is a open concept one whereby you are able to view the chief busily cooking in action just before your eyes.. Here is a photo of the chief pulling the Noodles (La Mian).

I do admit that I am amazed by the skill of the chief where he is able to pull the flour dough into long and thin noodles.

We also have a special guest with us at the food tasting session—He is none other than Jeffrey from Jia 88.3 FM.I do found him familiar and realize latter that I have seen him acting in Chinese stage play before. But, I have forgotten to take an individual photo of him as all of us are busily chatting with each other while eating our food.

Overall, I do have an enjoyable time at the food-tasting session where the food are delicious and the staff there providing good customer service.

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• Combo Meal at only $6.90.
Savour the authentic taste of Zhajiang Mian and 2 piece of Chinese Dumplings cup of Chinese Tea at irresistible low price.
 Available from 12-5pm (except weekends and public holidays).
Do remember to take advantage of the Combo Promotion of $6.90 and try out the food at The Eastern Restaurant.

If you do not prefer Zhajiang Mee, fret not as you can check out their website at : http://www.easternrestaurant.com/ for the Variety of food  that they served in their menu.

Good customer service and affordable delicious food….Do remember to patron The Eastern Restaurant and you will agree that its value for money.

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