10 July 2011

(Sponsored) Review of DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil

When Watsons is looking for 3 testers to review the product of DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil on the Glow Magazine weeks ago, I immediately respond to their advertisement on FB. I am glad to be chosen as one of the testers and obtained the permission from Watsons to put a review post on my blog.

Why do I want to review DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil?

To me, DHC is one of the most established brands from Japan available at Watsons and their products are highly rated at media such as magazines. Personally, I also have the chance to try out the sample of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil last year and I simply love it as it is able to remove makeup effectively.

DHC has launched a different version of cleansing oil-Mild Touch Cleansing Oil at Watsons this year.

Before I go to the Product Review, here is some info about Mild Touch Cleansing Oil

DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil

This product will cleanse and hydrate your complexion with their shower-friendly makeup remover that utilizes moisturizing amino-acid based emollients to gently wash away cosmetics, dirt and environmental pollutants. It also contains beneficial antioxidants to help purify skin and encourage softness (adapted from DHC Website).

How to use:
  1. Recommended to remove excess water from the face and hands before use
  2. Apply about 3 pumps and blend with the makeup on the face. Rinse it off with water or warm water
  3. Can be used in wet hands while bathing

After I have opened the box, the first thought that comes to my mind is that I love the packaging. The cleansing oil is contained in a sweet dainty pink bottle. I am sure that this packaging will be a major hit as pink is a popular colour among ladies.

The major thing that I like about this product is the moisturizing effects of the cleansing oil while I am removing the makeup. Why? As busy OL(Office Ladies), my skin will be rather dry in the office where I am exposed to air-con for at least 8 hours. More-ever, I will also have to put on make-up for quite some time before removing them at night. Due to these factors, my skin will be deprived of moisture. Isn’t it a good thing if you are able to replenish moisture at the very first step of your skincare routine in the evening-removing makeup?

Does it remove make-up effectively? My answer to that question is yes, this product does a good job in removing my makeup (except mascaras) as I am unable to see the residue on the cotton wool when I am using the toner.

As the name suggests, this product is milder than the Deep Cleansing Oil and I have to try to use it to cleanse “a very hard to remove” brand of mascaras but it requires more effect in rubbing the eyes area. But it does remove another brand of mascaras that I am currently using easily. In that sense, it might not be suitable for use to remove very heavy makeup.

The only thing that I do not really like is that it takes me quite a while to get use to the smell of the Cleansing Oil as it is quite strong. Perhaps it is only me as my nose is a bit sensitive.

At a mere price of $ $37.50., it is slightly cheaper than DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. Do check out this product from Watsons and you will be as amazed as me.

Lastly, I will like to thank Watsons and Paperclip Communications for giving me a chance to try this wonderful product.

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