02 July 2011

Revealing the Secrets Every Woman Wants to know Workshop

I am elated to attend the workshop on “Revealing The Secrets Every Woman Wants to know” at Tanglin Shopping Centre L6.

Thanks to Carol (whom happens to have the same name as me) Lian, the lifestyle editor of the Wedding & Travel magazine for the invitation.

Before I go on to the event, here is a quick summary about this company:

The Slimming Company

This company founded by Tereasa Sobczyk offers a new and innovative way of losing weight with the aid of PowerSlim.
What is PowerSlim?
It is a patented technology that has been awarded the Gold Medal in the ‘Best Machine-Wellness and Spa’ Category at the International Beauty Fairs, which took place in Gdansk,Poland in 2oo7.

Basically, this revolutionary equipment combines the benefits of advanced aesthetic technology, exhaustive skincare knowhow and a good cardiovascular workout. Each workout session is enhanced by infrared light therapy, ionisation technology and high-technology cream.

I am practically like blown away by this amazing workout cum beauty treatment machine. It will be a good news for people who want to lose weight, slim down , have a good figure coupled with a even, translucent and radiant complexion. Greedy you might say….but all these is really achievable with the help of the PowerSlim Machine
Here is a quick summary of how it works
While you are working out, this machine will also emit
• infrared radiation which burns the fat and cellulite 6 six as efficiently compared to a regular workout, detox, rejuvenates your skin, accelerates collagen production, opens pores and boosts microcirculation.

•  ionized air which revs up the fat burning and immunity system,reduces fatigue and improves concentration

And the best plus point is that you can head directly back to the office after a full work out. This is because the infrared light therapy neutralizes toxins and the odour from your sweat.
What to expect during the treatment:
Clients are requested to change into a bikini or lingerie and a high performance cream is rubbed into target areas like thighs. A 15 min Prep session is conducted to familiarize clients with the machine. At the next session, they are guided through a 30min work out. They are served warm tea and advised not to shower for at least 5 hrs after treatment to optimize the benefits of infrared red therapy.

Check out their Company Website for more information: http://www.theslimmingcompany.com/
Back to the event
After the registration of the workshop, I am given this cute name tag in the shape of the red ladybug.

 While waiting for the workshop to commerce at 7.30, I have taken some photos of the workshop.

We are also treated to a buffet dinner. Yummy.

Next up is the presentation by Carol Lian herself.

She is also a satisfied customer of Powerslim. Do note that she is not the endorser of Powerslim as she has paid for the treatment out of her pocket.
Check out her successful story in this link: http://www.razor.tv/site/servlet/segment/main/news/58022.html
Right after the presentation, there is also a small activity for us to take part in, where 2 winners will get to bring home a box of collagen drink each. The task is to decorate a biscuit to the theme of 28 that is related to PowerSlim. Why 28? $28 is the price for a 15 min trial session.

Look at all the master pieces that the bloggers have designed. 

The last activity of the workshop is to take the group photo of the bloggers and Carol.

I do have an enjoyable time at this event, learning more about the technology of PowerSlim.
By the way, The Slimming Company is kind enough to offer these 2 special promotion to all my readers.
• PowerSlim
20+6 FOC Sessions( including PowerSlim Cream at $1,770 (Usual Price: $3,380)
• Collagen Light Therapy
10 Sessions (15 min each) at $600 (Usual Price: $750)

Simply quote this promo code ‘shorthairlady’ and call
The Slimming Company
19 Tanglin Road #06-43/44
Tanglin Shopping Center
Singapore 247909
Customer Service No: +65 6733 6618.
to sign up for package/enquiries

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